Dutch Classic 2015
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Wednesday, 07 October 2015 21:03


Wednesday evening at Maple Grove Raceway has ten SS/AH cars already in pit position for the Pennsylvania Dutch Classic. The racers are looking forward to three days of mixing it up with each other on the track. Weather looks favorable for the potential record setting run or at least a personal best performance. Already at the track are the Comella Dart, Wendell Howes, Jr Baum and Kyle Kohr. Also, Tyler Hard has his Barracuda in the pit, however, a schedule conflict will prevent him from being here until Saturday morning. Also there are three cars staking out their territory at Camp Teuton. Reliable sources are saying that Gus Mantas will be in tonight. Sleep tight tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a good day ! 


Thursday was officially billed as a Test-N-Tune day with the opportunity to make attempts at a record run.  There were a number of SS/AH cars that made it down the track in a reasonably efficient manner that deserve mention.  Those racers are as follows :   

  David Barton             8.377 seconds at 158.83 mph         (in the Gary Wolkwitz Dart - automatic) 

  David Barton             8.428 seconds at 157.69 mph         (in the Tyler Hard Barracuda - automatic) 

  Jim Pancke               8.591 seconds at 157.52 mph          Dart - stick 

  Joe Teuton                8.609 seconds at 156.90 mph          Barracuda - stick 

  Al Smyth                   8.707 seconds at 155.69 mph          Barracuda - stick 

  Tom Gordon             8.881 seconds at 152.55 mph          Barracuda - automatic 

  Jr Baum                   8.900 seconds at 148.20 mph           Dart - automatic  

  Doug Fazzolare       8.964 seconds at 155.72 mph           Dart - automatic  

  Kyle Kohr               9.165 seconds at 144.38 mph           Barracuda - automatic  


Jim Daniels and Steve Comella both spun off the line.  Wendell Howes was testing his 340 Barracuda while the Hemi car stayed in the trailer.  Gus Mantas made an awesome wheelstand that forced him to coast through the finish line photocells and replace his oil pan when he returned to his pit area.  Stephen Hebert arrived in the late afternoon and will be ready Friday morning.   



Friday morning qualifying was under cloudy skies.  After all the other super stockers made their qualifying runs, the track officials did the track sweep and prep,  and then we were greeted with a very light brief sprinkle that lasted a few minutes.  

In the third pair of Hemi cars to go down the track, the motor in Gus Mantas' Barracuda came undone and the show was on pause again for a cleanup of the right lane before action resumed.  

Below are the qualifying times after one round of qualifying.  

  David Barton                 8.455 seconds at 157.08 mph 

  Bucky Hess                  8.475 seconds at 156.43 mph 

  Stephen Hebert            8.501 seconds at 157.61 mph 

  Joe Teuton                   8.564 seconds at 156.25 mph  

  Jim Pancake                8.605 seconds at 157.80 mph 

  Steve Comella             8.618 seconds at 152.81 mph 

  Al Smyth                      8.698 seconds at 154.43 mph 

  Gus Mantas                 8.699 seconds at 149.90 mph  

  Doug Fazzolare           8.785 seconds at 154.47 mph 

  Tom Gordon                8.941 seconds at 150.21 mph 

  Kyle Kohr                  9.200 seconds at 143.83 mph  

  Wendell Howes          Spun 

Jr Baum was unable to show up for this round as his Hemi Dart had a leak in the radiator that needed attention.  Jim Daniels was also a no-show.  


Friday afternoon qualifying performances as follows :  

  David Barton                8.453 seconds at 157.39 mph  

  Bucky Hess                 8.462 seconds at 157.34 mph 

  Steve Comella            8.619 seconds at 153.53 mph  

  Doug Fazzolare          8.638 seconds at 154.74 mph 

  Al Smyth                     8.679 seconds at 155.13 mph  

  Wendell Howes          8.704 seconds at 154.10 mph 

  Jim Pancake              8.761 seconds at 156.26 mph 

  Jr Baum                     8.915 seconds at 147.88 mph 

  Tom Gordon               8.948 seconds at 151.12 mph 

  Kyle Kohr                      9.200 seconds at 139.26 mph 

Stephen Hebert shut down early.  Joe Teuton did not make a run in this afternoon qualifying session.  I was told that the Jim Daniels Dart needed some minor repairs that were esier to deal with by bringing the car to the Ray Barton shop, which is 15 miles from the track.  We can expect the car to return to the track later this evening or early Saturday morning.  

Saturday morning the schedule shows one more qualifying session, then we go into the Hemi Challenge Saturday afternoon. 


 After thre qualifying sessions here is the final qualifying order : 

  David Barton        8.278 seconds  

  Bucky Hess          8.338   

  Tyler Hard            8.394  

  Steve Comela      8.449     

  Jim Pancake        8.481  

  Stephen Hebert   8.501   

  Joe Teuton           8.564   

  Al Smyth              8.601  

  Doug Fazzolare   8.638   

  Gus Mantas         8.699   

  Wendell Howes    8.704   

  Jr Baum               8.822   

  Tom Gordon        8.941   

  Kyle Kohr            9.200    

  Jim Daniels         9.289  


In the first round of eliminations the first pair of cars down the track were Tom Gordon driving the Hemi King Cuda for the Southland Dodge Team against Stephen Hebert in the SpyPhish Barracuda.  Gordon was the first of four racers that fouled the red light to end the day of racing.  Red lights starts were also handed out to Kyle Kohr, Al Smyth and Wendell Howes, allowing Joe Teuton, Jim Daniels and Steve Comella to advance to the second round.  Tyler Hard found his way into the second round as Gus Mantas had an engine failure in qualifying and was already headed for home.  David Barton had the bye run as there was an odd number of cars.  Note :  The number one qualifier gets the bye run in the first round if this is the case.  

The second round was a great round to watch as all four pairings were close and a spectator in the grandstands needed to look at the scoreboards to see just who earned a win light. 

The third round of eliminations had David Barton paired off against Tyler Hard.  Stephen Hebert had to deal with Steve Comella.  In this third round Hebert got an ugly red light to advance Comella into the final.  Tyler Hard pulled the better reaction time but could not keep a lead when David Barton was in the other lane.  

Due to the late hour a decision was made by the event director to postpone the final round of the Hemi Challenge until Sunday morning.  Till then.  Stay tuned.   


In the Sunday morning the final round between Steve Comella and David Barton resulted in Barton getting the win light.  

A big thank you goes out to Maple Grove Raceway for hosting the Pennsylvania Dutch Classic and also thanks goes to Penske Leasing for sponsoring the Hemi Challenge. 









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