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The U.S. National's Mopar Hemi Challengefor 2015

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Saturday, Sept 5
After a rain delay Friday evening, the Finals for the Mopar Hemi Challenge has just been held....Saturday around 4pm.  We were guaranteed a first time winner as Gus Mantas lined up against Llloyd Wofford. 
After thinking about all night long, we are most certain the nerves in the cockpit were formidable....and the race was over before it even started.  Gus Mantas lit up the red lamps and with that Lloyd Wofford becomes your new Mopar Hemi Challenge Champion.

Congratulations to Lloyd Wofford and the team!  Winning at the U.S. Nationals is always special and it's nice to welcome a new face to victory circle!

As always, our thanks to NHRA for accommodate our request for a photograph pass and to our hard working photographer Doug Walker, who provides us with amazing images and all the notes from the pit.  And with that...another Hemi Challenge from the U.S. Nationals is in the books.

Friday, Sept 4

Goood morning from Indy!!!  It's the best day of the year for Hemi race fans as we releaes the Elephants!

A note from the pits this morning.  The Comella camp wasn't going to let a bent valve keep them from competition today, so with a little help from their friends in the Teuton Camp, they put in a new engine late last night.  So not much sleep, but they are ready to go this morning.  Unfortunately the Missouri Mule is not.  We've had a report from the Campbell Camp that they have a broken lifter and are out of the event today.  So no Mule in the Elephant parade, which is now underway. (9:15am).

First Round...
It's in the books.  A few folks got a free pass from other folks that were unable to start.  Welker, Campbell, and Willie Shepherd posted a DNS or Did Not Show/Start.  This advances Pancake, Mantas, and Howes into the quarter finals.  Wolkwitz as your top qualifier gets his free pass in the next round after getting by Comella.  One of the more interesting races, was the stumble off the line for Joe Teuton.  When asked just now, he reported that he had problems with his the 2-Step Rev limiter in his Stick, thus explaining the .223 reaction time.  Joe commented, "it's just anouther way to the loose.".  This will advance your 21st qualifier Warburton into the quarterfinals.

The full ladder is posted - as a field of 22 moves onto 10.

Second Round....
Lots of red lights, guys trying to get the jump, but it determined several outcomes.... Warbutron had a big hole shot, but Mantas got him in the end. Others that saw red; Pancake, Bales, and Booker.  Kent's engine expired on the pass given the win to Howes.   Even though Booker went red, it was by -.005 against Hebert's wicked light of .004.  As we move forward, the difference in speed diminishes, so everybody will have to be on their game next round.

Third Round....
If you were a betting man, you may have lost some money this round.  Wolkwitz hit the red lamp with a RT of -.072 but finished the run with a nice 8.545 at 157.12.  But it will be Wofford moving forward to the Semi Finals.  In the same fashion, Hebert's Spyphish didn't complete the pass.  Looks like something other than engine, but Mark Howes will advance.  He posted a .053 with a 8.648 at 152.87.  The closest race of the round was Daniels vs. Mantas.  Daniels with a RT of .035 with a 8.668 ET for 157.32 was strong, but it wasn't enough to beat Mantas with a .012 RT in the lights, 8.656 ET for 153.40 mph.

Now according the ladder that we were given this morning, Mark Howe would advance through the Semi-Finals with a Bye run.  We have seen other comments that state, Howes will run Wofford and that Mantas will get the bye.  Either way...only three move forward and for the first time in a while, Barton engines are not represented in the final.  A new champion will be crowned shortly.

Fourth Round...
Mantas did get the bye....and moves forward to the final round posted a .159 14.444 at 58.90 mph.  Mark Howes took on Wofford in a close race with Howes posting a .100RT for a ET of 8.669 at 152.37mph.  But it was not good enough to beat Wofford who ran a .060RT for a 8.617ET at 153.74 mph.

The championship round with Wofford vs. Mantas will be run later this evening.

We are currently under a rain delay....that will continue until tomorrow.  So the Mopar Hemi Challenge Final Round will run sometime on Saturday, possible after Pro Stock Qualifying around 11am-ish.

More to come.....


Thursday, Sept 3

Round 3 of Qualifying was held late this afternoon in the heat of the dog gone day.  It was hot, humid, sticky and most everyone smelled a little gamey when they left the track today....just sayin'.
There is a lot of activity in the pits tonight post run.  More than a few cars needing some parts to continue, so we won't know until the morning just where we stand on the ladder.  But we do know that NHRA has scheduled the Elephant parade for around 9am with the first round of eliminations scheduled for 10am.  Frankly, in all our years of doing this - we've yet to see first round really go off at 10am, but if you are in the area and don't want to miss it, do be there early.

Let's see how all 21 cars ran today.... Wolkwitz, Hess, Hebert and Wofford are the top 4 and the only ones out of the 21 cars that have qualified for Super Stock competition outside of the Mopar Hemi Challenge.

Gary Wolkwitz 8.552
Bucky Hess 8.572
Stephen Hebert 8.572
Lloyd Wofford 8.604
Gus Mantas 8.638
Steve Kent 8.639
Jim Daniels 8.652
Mike Booker 8.657
Jim Pancake 8.665
Joe Teuton 8.668
Mark Howes 8.685
Steve Comella 8.724
Don Bales 8.743
Jim Keyes 8.755
Fred Henson 8.773
Russ Campbell 8.874
Wendell Howes 8.909
Eldon Baum Jr 8.989
Cleve Stewart 9.171
Matt Welker 9.188
Ken Warburton 9.956


Wednesday, Sept 2

The first round of qualifying is in the books.  Twenty-one cars have taken a pass, including the new Hemi racer amongst us, Mr. Ken Warburton out of Division 5 in a Barracuda. So let's get right to the results...  Topping the charts is none other than current National Record Holder Gary Wolkwitz, closely followed by Bucky Hess in the Kandy Kuda and Stephen Hebert in his super smooth Sphyfish!

Round 1 Qualifying:

Gary Wolkwitz 8.554 156.41
Bucky Hess 8.581 154.49
Stephen Hebert 8.589 156.97
Jim Daniels 8.652 156.79
Steve Kent 8.655 155.69
Mike Booker 8.662 155.38
Jim Pancake 8.665 155.58
Steve Comella 8.724 151.95
Don Bales 8.743 152.19
Mark Howes 8.748 150.98
Fred Henson 8.773 151.87
Jim Keyes 8.797 152.23
Wendell Howes 8.909  151.00
Russ Campbell 8.920 151.24
Lloyd Wofford 9.143 151.54
Cleve Stewart 9.177 145.33
Matt Welker 9.188 145.06
Jr. Baum 9.278 143.14
Ken Warburton 9.956 141.98
Gus Mantas 10.184 97.57
Joe Teuton SDE N/A

Wednesday afternoon the temps were hot and the track was tricky, yet somehow ten drivers improved on their performance.  Wolkwitz is still on top, but below are the entries with improved performances for the second round of qualifying.

Wolkwitz 8.552 156.46
Hess 8.572 154.78
Wofford 8.604 153.44
Booker 8.657 154.92
Mantas 8.711 152.55
Teuton 8.708 155.04
M. Howes 8.712 151.99
Campbell 8.874 151.54
Baum 8.959 147.76
Keyes 8.755 152.43

Wendell Howes, Fred Henson and Stephen Hebert did not make a second qualifying attempt.





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