Mega Mopar Action 2015

Mega Mopar Action at Maple Grove Raceway - 2015

Saturday, May 30, 2015
Good Morning from Maple Grove as we get ready for some Hemi Action and the Mega Mopar Action event.  Six cars are currently on the scene and the passes this morning included some solid runs as follows:
Bucky Hess in his super sweet Kandy Kuda laid down a 8.531 ET at 155.47mph as the quickest time, following by Joe Teuton at 8.630 at 146.08 and Larry Perkins with a 8.631 at 154.40.  Gary Wolkwitz, Jim Daniels and Dave Collette are also on the scene.

After Two Rounds of Qualifying....

Gary Wolkwitz 8.518 156.68
Bucky Hess 8.534 155.04
Joe Teuton 8.582 156.17
Jim Daniels 8.607 157.03
Larry Perkins 8.662 154.51
Dave Collette 9.004 148.28

Of note, Dave Collette is running the Dixie Hemi.  The car used to be owned by Johnny Kelley and we don't believe it has been out rumbling since 2006.  So it's nice to see it!!  Thanks Dave!

Round 1 of Elimination

We have four pairings - of course, one is a set of Byes.  Here are the results from Round 1:

#1 Wolkwitz vs. #4 Daniels.  Wolkwitz Red Light and Daniels gets the win with a .034 RT /  8.652 at 155.74
#2 Hess vs. #5 Perkins.  Hess hit the red bulbs and gave Perkisn the win - who posted a RT of .018 / 8.732 at 153.65
#3 Teuton vs. #6 Collette.  The Hemi Dixie spun the tires (and got the Red Lights - seems to be a trend) so Teuton gets the win with a .155 RT / 8.647 at 154.58

Round 2:

Daniels enjoyed a bye run - well not really.  To keep the trend from Round 1 going he Red Lit with a -.073 and then just drove it out.

As billed on Facebook, the Teuton vs. Perkins would be a real side by side drag race.  Check it out:
Teuton with a .051 RT with a 8.749 second ET at 152.69 MPH
Perkins posting a .025 RT with a 8.741 second ET at 153.84 MPH.  Perkins gets the win!

It will be Perkins and Daniels in the Final.

Final Round:

It was close...

Perkins with a .064 RT / 8.843 ET at 151.04 mph but Daniels gets the win with a .012 at the light / 8.827 ET at 146.85 MPH












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