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Wednesday, 18 March 2015 08:43

Jeg's Cajun SportsNational at No Problem Raceway - March 20-21, 2015

Welcome to the 2015 season of Hemi Shoot Outs.

There has been some debate as to what day the Shoot Out would actually run.  We are now hearing from NHRA that Class Eliminations and the Hemi Shoot Out will run on Friday, March 20th.  A perfect kick off for the first day of Spring. So if you are stuck in the office, you can sneak a peek here for the latest!

Friday, March 20th

The first day of spring!!! So we are ready for some rumble! 
We have heavy fog this morning but expect it to burn off to higher cloud cover.  It's muggy, which is redundant for Louisana, and a nice 80ish temperature.

There will be two rounds of qualifying today with eliminations this afternoon.

Round 1 Qualifying

Joe Teuton 8.397 157.93
Gary Wolkwitz 8.416 158.17
Steve Kent 8.428 158.69
Joseph Paillot 8.458 157.26
Stephen Hebert 8.482 158.95
Cleve Stewart 8.997 147.54
Dan Zrust 9.073 144.53

Round 2 of Qualifying
Five cars made an appearance at the line....there was a bit of wheel spin going on in the left lane for Kent and Paillot and we understand that Mr. Stewart is fighting the floats in one of his carburetors.  That being said, Wolkwitz posted the best time with a 8.346 at 159.82 mph.  Hebert also improved to a 8.451 at 159.76 mph.


Round 1 of Eliminations

1) Wolkwitz  .059 RT        8.449 ET       158.76  MPH     Win
0) Bye

3) Kent         .035 RT         8.498 ET      158.63 MPH      Win
6) Stewart    .136 RT         9.161 ET     144.77 MPH  

2) Teuton     .049 RT         8.604 ET      157.72 MPH     Win
5) Paillot      .003 RT        Shut Down Early

4) Hebert     .032 RT         8.470 ET       159.51 MPH     Win
7) Zrust      -.481 Red Light    9.064 ET    146.80 MPH

Big round of applause for Paillot on the exceptional light, unfortunately some wheel spin got him crossed-up and he had to shut down early.  We also felt like Dan Zrust's reaction time required some research, cause well, that's not like Dan.  Sure enough, he is working on his driving style and frankly left on the wrong bulb.  It happens.  

Round 2 of Eliminations  

Wolkwitz     .036 RT       8.394 ET        158.20 MPH     Win 
Kent           .027 RT       8.548 ET         157.45 MPH   

Hebert       .059 RT       8.448 ET        159.36 MPH     Win  
Teuton       .056 RT      9.723 ET           97.88 MPH  

Joe Teuton was pulling strong until fourth gear troubles put him into coasting mode.  Would have been close.  Going into the final round you have a classic matchup that gives everybody something to root for.  Dart vs. Barracuda. Stick shift vs. Torqueflite automatic transmission.  Ray Barton Racing Engines vs. Reher-Morrison Racing Engines. Division 1 racer vs. Division 4 racer.   

Final Round of Eliminations  

Stephen Hebert        .014 RT        8.374 ET       160.69 MPH        Win
Gary Wolkwitz          .078 RT        8.419 ET       153.40 MPH  

So a big congratulations goes out to Stephen Hebert in the "SpyPhish" Barracuda.

As always thanks to to everyone at NHRA and the No Problem Raceway team for their hospitality.  It's always a great time to come racing in the south, particularly knowing that some folks, (David Barton working back in the shop) were to enjoy more snow on this first day of spring.

Next week is Mopars at the Strip in Vegas.  We don't have a feel for the car count - but we hope that the Hemi Guys will make an effort to come out and entertain the fans!  

Finally, there is a need to update "The HemiShootOut Very Unofficial List of Cars to Achieve 160 MPH" 

  1. Jim Daniels                  Cecil, Georgia             November 2009               Dart Automatic 

  2.  Charlie Westcott Jr     Maple Grove               October 2010                   Barracuda Stick

  3.  David Barton              Maple Grove               October 2010                    Barracuda Automatic

  4.  Charlie Westcott Sr    Maple Grove               October 2010                    Barracuda Stick

  5.  Tyler Hard                  Maple Grove               October 2011                     Barracuda Stick

  6.  Gary Wolkwitz           Atco, New Jersey        April 2013                          Dart Automatic

  7.  Rick Houser              Pomona, California      November 2013                 Barracuda Stick

  8.  Steve Kent                Englishtown, NJ           May 2014                           Barracuda Stick

  9.  Stephen Hebert        Belle Rose, Louisiana   March 2015                       Barracuda Stick  







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