The Dutch Classic 2014

The Hemi Challenge at The Dutch Classic - Maple Grove Raceway
October 9 - 11, 2014


Thursday, October 9
Nine cars are currently in the paddock area - 4 of them Darts.  A few more may still show as we get ready for the first rounds of qualifying for The Dutch Classic.  This is the event of the year where racers turn the attention to changing the National record.  Fall temps have a way of tempting the racer hearts! The weather is perfect...let's get started!

One significant note relative to car and driver.  David Barton is in the cockpit for the Jim Daniels ride and interestingly enough they have put a stick in that car.    Also - a special shout out to Division 6 (as in the state of Washington) Mike Booker for being in attendance.

First round of qualifying is as follows:

Pancake 8.497 156.03
Booker 8.586 157.39
Bales 8.596 152.78
Campbell 8.784 152.74
Wolkwitz 8.858 116.61
Mark Howes 8.993 152.88
Barton 10.143 93.24
Wendell Howes No Pass  

Round 2 of qualifying put Mr. Barton hitting the 160.00mph with a 8.448 ET.  Woosh!  Only three others made passes, Booker with a 8.477 at 157.48, Bales in the Silver Bullet with a 8.608 at 152.66 and Russ Campbell's Missouri Mule with a 8.744 at 153.53.  Matt Welker hit the gas and then shut down early.

Wendell Howes is still there.  Evidently he came to the race track with a fresh transmission that decided not to work properly when needed.  So they have been working to fix / replace that throughout the day.

Round 3 brought 8 cars to the line including new comer Kyle Kohr.  Welcome Mr. Kohr!  Performance as follows:

Mark Howes 8.580 153.44
Booker 8.596 157.34
Bales 8.633 152.71
Barton 8.654 134.98
Campbell 8.706 153.70
Wolkwitz 9.445 104.00
Kohr 9.925 106.74
Pancake SDE  

There was so much beautiful sky and clean running all day that a clean up session was offered.  Two of our Hemi Challenge drivers took advantage.  Jim Pancake posted a 8.46_ at a 156.06 mph and Kyle Kohr posted a 9.901 at 117.77mph.

The hope for tomorrow is clear skies and the possibility for one or two more to pop in and take up the challenge.

Friday, October 10

Alert the media....Hess is in the house!  That's put our list of competiters at 11.

Let's get right to it....Everybody that completed a pass this morning was in the 8's, with Barton the only one to hit the 160 mph mark.  Wolkwitz and Welker just needed some traction.  As for our newcomer Mr. Kohr, well he is 18 years of age and will not be missing class!  Yes, he is from the Kohr's Kustoms group and is making a debut with the car.  Taking his time to get the feel for things....all good.  We will see him after class this afternoon.  So here are the results from the first session this morning.

Barton 8.324 160.96
Hess 8.393 158.50
Pancake 8.410 156.95
Booker 8.421 158.43
W. Howes 8.452 157.74
M. Howes 8.545 154.10
Bales 8.594 152.97
Campbell 8.804 154.28
Wolkwitz No Traction  
Welker No Traction  
Kohr In Class  

 At 3:43 the rain has moved into the area and racing has been called for the rest of the day.....

Saturday, October 11th

The rain has stopped and is not expected to return, however, the skies are gray and everything is damp with a high today in the low 50's.  Sunshine is not on the agenda which could mean that the actually challenge for the day will be in drying the track and importantly getting some temp in the track for the tire safety.  A cold track is when bad things happen to awesome cars!  The bright spot is actually that sunshine is on the way for tomorrow - so we feel pretty good about the Hemi Challenge getting in this weekend.  We will keep you posted.

Sunday, October 12th

It's sunny and engines are warming up at Maple Grove.  Round 1 action of the Hemi Challenge at the Dutch coming up!

Due to the schedule change - two of our heros are unable to race today.  The Booker family and the Bales family have obligations that have called them away from the paddock today.  So neither will start in Round 1. 

The 10 cars remaining have completed Round 1 and it's Gary Wolkwitz who has posted the quickest time of the weekend so far with a 8.315!  He will face David Barton in round 2, who spun off the line on his bye run.  Pancake took the win over Campbell when the Missouri Mule lit up the pretty red bulbs.  Unfortunately there is transmission damage on the Pancake Dart from the run.... so a significant thrash underway in the paddock right now in hopes of making Round 2.  Should Pancake come to the line, he will take on Mark Howes who despite not the prettiest of Welker with a 8.480 at 154.81 mph.  On the bottom half of the ladder, Hess got a bye run, but posted great numbers in the process.  He will run Wendall Howes in the next round, who bested the rookie Kohr with a .016 RT and a 8.435 ET at 156.01 mph.   Click on the full ladder above for more details.

A delay on track to another class incident....included some track repair.  But the now t-shirt weather at Maple Gove will make for a great next round.

Round 2: All three races were great.  Wolkwitz got the win over Barton with a 8.297 beating an 8.426.  Hess got the win over Wendall Howes in a very close 8.399 beating an 8.416.  Although props to Wendall on the awesome wheel-stand!  That should be a part of the win factor - Style points in drag racing? Discuss.  Pancake got the the best of the other half of the Howes team - getting Mark in the lights with a .006 reaction time.  An 8.428 to Howes' 8.487.

Wolkwitz will take on Pancake in Round 3, Hess enjoys a Bye on his way to the final round.

Round 3:  Pancake made a solid run but hit the red lamps, so Wolwitz gets the win with a 8.295 at 159.06.  Hess launched the Kind Kuda and then shut it down early.   Heading into the finals - it's gonna be a drag race!

Final Round:  All the light were red.  Wolkwitz gets the win however with a -.006RT, 8.280ET at 159.19mph pass.

Congratulations to Gary Wolkwitz and his crew!!

A big thanks to the Maple Grove team that keep the Hemi Challenge alive by continually hosting the men of Hemi!   Appreciation as well from the team for your continued hospitality.




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