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The Mopar Hemi Challenge at the US Nationals - August 29, 2014


Ladder Updated and Gallery is now up - please enjoy the picture from the weekend, complete with commentary!

Friday, August 29th

Drizzle on the track this morning.  We got through the Parade of Elephants and then the sprinkles started.  So a bit of delay for Round 1 of Eliminations.   The ladder has been posted so that you can see the anticipated pairings.  Note, Stephen Hebert is out with an engine failure, so Gus Mantas gets the Lucky Dog Bye.

UPDATE: As of 2:15pm the track has started to dry, and we have our first round after several hours of rain delay in the staging lanes.  Rick Houser has the quick ET in this round, 8.493. Hightlights also included a huge wheel stand by Bales, an awesome light by Mark Howes and several strong runs including Jim Daniels over Welker.

ROUNDS 2, 3, and 4: As the skies continue to clear, the competition is tight. Rounds 2, 3, and 4 are in the books.  This is the kind of racing everyone as come to expect of the Hemi cars.  Wendell Howes has been on his mark - making his way into the finals against the always competitive Warfish of Westcott Jr.

FINAL ROUND: As Westcott Jr and Howes lined up side by side for the final round, Howes started strong with a .005 RT, but Westcott Jr chased him down to take the win by inches.

Charlie Westcott Jr. and the Hemi Militia!  A big shout out to the Wendell Howes and the entire Howes camp as well for an outstanding competition.

A big thanks as always to NHRA for their hospitality...and to everyone that purchased hats and decals in support of the HSO.net website.  Your support is very much appreciated!   Our chief photographer Doug will be traveling just a bit - so galleries photos will go up next week.  Please check back and enjoy the commentary from the pits on each and every photo!


Thursday, August 28th

There will be one more round of qualifying late this afternoon, scheduled to run around 4:30.

Lloyd Wofford lost a right side ball joint during his pass this afternoon.  He was able to keep it off of the concrete barrier and there isn't a mark on the paint.  However, he is looking for suspension parts in the paddock.  Mark Howes has also struggled a bit - working hard to get down the track.

Round 3 results keep Rick Houser on top, followed by Teuton, Wolkwitz, Kent and Westcott Jr.    The field is fairly tight and we suspect that the competition will produced some excellent side-by-side drag racing tomorrow.

Here is the results from Round 3:

1 Rick Houser 8.501 158.95
2 Joe Teuton 8.543 157.32
3 Gary Wolkwitz 8.546 156.10
4 Steven Kent 8.557 156.55
5 Charlie Westcott Jr. 8.562 157.83
6 Wendell Howes 8.582 155.58
7 Jim Daniels


8 Bucky Hess 8.610 154.94
9 Charlie Westcott Sr. 8.614 158.90
10 Jim Pancake 8.621 154.78
11 Steve Comella 8.628 153.54
12 Larry Perkins 8.665 154.26
13 Gus Mantas 8.676 153.63
14 Mike Booker 8.678 154.76
15 David Barton 8.730 155.40
16 Russ Campbell 8.812


17 Matt Welker 9.078 147.09
18 Dan Zrust 9.112 145.00
19 Celve Stewart 9.233 144.95
20 Harold Leiter 9.339 142.09
21 Joe Paillot 9.534 153.02
22 Lloyd Wofford 10.173 80.94
23 Don Bales 13.484 72.71
24 Mark Howes No Time

We have just learned that Stephen Hebert as had a complete engine failure and is out for the weekend.  A lost in that he was running extrememly well and was clearly a title contender.

Wednesday, August 27th

3:46pm  We should have two rounds of qualifying today.  However, it's now 3:46 local time and Round 1 as just finished due to an incident on track with a Mustang who did several barrel rolls down the track. Everyone is okay, but it ate up a lot of time.  We will have to see about Round 2.

Results of Round 1 Qualifying put Stephen Hebert and Spyphish on top of the charts, followed by last year's winner Rick Houser.  Gary Wolkwitz, Charlie Westcott, Sr. and Jim Daniels round out the top 5.

Results from Round 1 Qualifying:

Stephen Hebert 8.526 158.87
Rick Houser 8.558 157.58
Gary Wolkwitz 8.582 155.83
Charlie Westcott Sr. 8.593 156.39
Jim Daniels 8.604 154.85
Bucky Hess 8.635 154.63
Wendell Howes 8.642 154.03
Jim Pancake 8.663 154.10
Lloyd Wofford 8.672 151.05
Steve Comella 8.681 152.23
Gus Mantas 8.734 153.63
Joe Paillot 8.744 154.19
Larry Perkins 8.670 152.45
Fred Henson 8.781 151.17
David Barton 8.805 152.55
Mike Booker 8.822 149.05
Russ Campbell 8.886 151.70
Don Bales 9.032 147.92
Dan Zrust 9.106 144.95
Cleve Stewart 9.244 144.83
Joe Teuton III 9.458 106.86
Harold Leiter 9.738 139.85
Steven Kent 11.918 75.50
Charlie Westcott Jr. 12.552 102.68

 Adding Matt Welker at 9.125 ET.

We did get Round 2 in today..although it was pushing 5 o'clock when the Hemi cars pulled into the lanes.  Super hot, super muggy - not expecting super fast.  Rick Houser steps up to take the top spot.  Joe Teuton also got in a solid run, moving him into the Top 5.  The Warfish also overcome the tire spin of the first round to post respectable numbers for Round 2.  You'll notice that in this list of 25, Mark Howes is in the group. 

Rick Houser 8.535 157.19
Stephen Hebert 8.552 156.97
Gary Wolkwitz 8.590 154.44
Joe Teuton III 8.622 154.51
Bucky Hess 8.627 154.40
Charlie Westcott Jr. 8.645 156.70
Jim Daniels 8.647 153.51
Jim Pancake 8.656 153.25
Gus Mantas 8.685 153.11
Joe Paillot 8.701 153.42
Steve Comella 8.701 151.60
Larry Perkins 8.723 152.97
Mike Booker 8.724 153.23
David Barton 8.734 153.65
Lloyd Wofford 8.776 150.13
Fred Henson 8.814 150.72
Charlie Westcott Sr. 8.896 145.09
Russ Campbell 9.039 150.72
Matt Welker 9.213 143.70
Dan Zrust 9.217 130.96
Cleve Stewart 9.263 144.04
Don Bales 9.280 149.08
Mark Howes 10.569 90.66
Steve Kent 12.631 70.24
Wendell Howes Tire Spin

There is only one qualifying run scheduled for tomorrow at 4:30 - so should be warm. 


29 Cars are currently entered.  The current entry list is as follows:

Division 1
Steve Comella
Wendell Howes
Larry Perkins
Matt Welker
Gary Wolkwitz
Jim Daniels
Mark Howes
David Barton
Bucky Hess
Gus Mantas

Division 3
Jim Pancake
Charlie Westcott Sr.
Charlie Westcott Jr.
Jim Keyes
Don Bales
Harold Leiter, Jr.
Willie Shepherd

Division 4
Stephen Hebert
Joe Teuton
Lloyd Wofford
Steve Kent
Cleve Stewart
Joseph Paillot

Division 5
Russ Campbell
Dan Zrust
Marlin Bogner
Rick Johnson

Division 6
Mike Booker

Divison 7
Rick Houser



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