Event Info and Results

Mega Mopar Action at Maple Grove Raceway
June 21 - 22, 2014


The actually shoot out is scheduled for Sunday, with a few rounds of qualification on Saturday and perhaps one more on Sunday morning.  Our live coverage is effectively in the staging lanes, so check back in over the course of the weekend for the latest!

Saturday, June 21st

We have six powerhouses in the paddock suiting up for competition:  Westcott, Jr., Jim Pancake, Tyler Hard, Gary Wolkwitz, Jim Daniels, and Larry Perkins.  3 Darts, 3 Barracudas - 2 of them sticks.  Competition should be good today...we shall see as qualifying gets underway this afternoon!

Qualfying Round 1 -

Tyler Hard came out of the box with an impressive wheel stand, running against Westcott, Jr.  Both posted respectable numbers.  The balance of the field - all left the line strong, but then shut down for one reason or another.  We know that Jim Daniels was flying at Englishtown in the recent weeks, so we shall see how Round 2 goes.

Tyler Hard went 8.534 seconds at 154.88mph for the quicktime so far, followed by Charlie's Warfish with a 8.608 at 158.37mph. 

Qualifying Round 2 -

Traction was clearly an issue on Round 1, but a few more got some rubber down.  Wolkwitz is your quick time now with a 8.510 at 156.15 mph.  Perkins also made a solid pass at 8.639 at 155.54.

There is still one more round of qualifying tomorrow and the possibility of having an additional car or two join the mix is possible.  So after two rounds, your combined qualifying is as follows:

Gary Wolkwitz 8.510 156.15
Tyler Hard 8.534 154.88
Charlie Westcott, Jr. 8.608 158.37
Larry Perkins 8.639 155.54
Jim Pancake 9.168 155.08
Jim Daniels 14.037 72.08

So after Round 2 of qualifying, late in the afternoon two more cars took a pass.  Charlie Westcott was fiddling with his clutch, and took a pass laying down a 8.47 ET.  Turf is marked!  The other, to the joy of many, was Bucky Hess and his King Kuda II.  The front end is still in primer, but he took a pass to the 330 mark just to see if it would go straight.  It did...and he is entered for competition this weekend.  Cool!

Sunday, June 22

Seven cars made passes this morning - some got the traction they needed, while others did not.  Jim Pancake had his hands full when his Dart swerved to the left almost crossing the center line.  Given that on both sides of the lane there were drivers that got solid passes, it's not a question of lane prep, although even Westcott stated that the track is tricky.    Here's how the competition stacked up in the final round of qualiyfing.  (This is not a combined.)

RL Charlie Westcott, Jr. 8.485 158.97
LL Larry Perkins 8.532 156.19
LL Bucky Hess 8.559 155.56
RL Tyler Hard 8.914 136.12
LL Jim Daniels 12.842 78.34
RL Gary Wolkwitz 17.761 51.78
RL Jim Pancake no time  

Just as reminder - horspower provided by:  Pancake, Hard, Daniels, and Wolkwitz are all running Barton power.  Charlie Westcott is still making his own.  The two other players - Larry Perkins is working with Black Arrow Race Engines which is the former Jenkins camp and Bucky Hess is working with Jason Line at Line Performance, of Pro Stock fame.

We have just learned that Tyler Hard is done for the day - he lacks a comfortable oil pressure and the bearings aren't pretty either. 

In Round 1 of competition, Wescott enjoyed a bye run and clearly pushed himself on the tree with a red light reaction time of -.005, with a strong finish of 8.532 at 158.74 mph.  Daniels also enjoyed a bye run as Tyler Hard was unable to make it to the line.  In Wolkwitz vs. Hess - the King Kuda rolled through the third amber.  Bummer!  Would have been a good race.  Wolkwitz hit the red bulb with a -.099, but posted a strong ET of 8.511 at 155.87 mph.  Perkins and Pancake went at it - with Perkins getting the win.

Round 2, everybody would have to earn it.  Westcott got the best of Perkins with a .155 RT, 8.512 ET at 158.80 mph.  Daniels lit up the reds this round and Wolkwitz got the win with a .045 RT, 8.505 ET at 155.97 mph.  It will be Wolkwitz vs Westcott, Dart vs. Barracuda, Barton power vs Westcott in the finals.

Final Round by the numbers: 
Westcott .036 RT /  8.518 ET at 158.82 mph. 
Wolkwitz  .015 RT / 8.527 ET at 156.19 mph.

It was so close that you had to check the scoreboards..... WOLKWITZ gets the win!

A helluva drag race that was worth the price of admission!!

Congratulation to Gary Wolkwitz and the entire Barton Crew!


As always our thanks to Lex and his crack team at Maple Grove Raceway for their support of the Hemi cars, continually hosting shootouts on a regular basis.  And one other side note.  Bucky went out of for a pass post race and ran a 8.559 at 155.99 mph.  So the King Kuda II is looking good and will be ready to rumble soon!

Pictures will be coming soon - so be sure to check them out with commentary from the paddock.  Your support of the HSO.net is appreciated.  Hats and Decals are currently being sold so that we can update the backend that houses now well over 1,000 photographs and many years of archived races.  Get them while supplies last - again, your support is appreciated.









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