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Mopars at the Strip - the 50th Anniversary of the HEMI engine.
April 11-13, 2014

Friday, April 11th

It's the biggest Mopar party of the year - Mopars at the Strip in Las Vegas!  This is the 50th anniversary of the HEMI engine and there will a plethora of special events to mark the occassion.

As for the Super Stockers that started it all...there are seven SS/AH cars on site.  Two Darts will be aiming for five Barracudas.  Among them, two are sticks.

It is 85+ degrees in Vegas.  If you've been in the midwest all winter, this might help you defrost.

After a first round of qualifying passes, they line up as follows:

Rick Houser 8.798 151.31
Jerry Jenkins 8.905 147.75
Michael Ogburn 8.955 148.61
Wayne Ramos 9.063 146.73
Skip Loeffler 9.966 100.12
Stephen Hebert 9.977 99.53
Mark Vieira No Pass  

Loeffler and Hebert went down the track together. We are not sure if they were waving at each other or texting, but clearly we know that the Spyfish is capable of more.  As for the Burning Hemi owned and driven by Mark Vieira, we hear that there are a few issues in the valve department and he is working to get things rectified.

Round 2 - Qualifying:  Five cars made an appearance in the lanes and only three made improvements to their earlier times.  Those going quicker included:  Skip Loeffler with a 9.715 at 141.16 mph.  Stephen Hebert moving up the chart with a 8.657 at 156.59 mph and Houser, keeping himself in the quick spot with a 8.557 at 157.14.

Jerry Jenkins had a pushrod problem but expected to be repaired before heading out to the Strip for the evening!

Oops!  What we thought was Round 2 of Qualifying was actually Round 1 of Match Racing.  With Mark Vieira now officially out, it seems there has been a call and the SS/AH cars will compete in several rounds of Match Racing this weekend to the delight of the fans.

That being said, Round 1 of Match Racing, held Friday afternoon (formerly known as Round 2 Qualifying) paired up as follows:

Skip Loeffler vs. Wayne Ramos.  Loeffler posting a .185 with an ET of 9.715 at 141.16 lossed to Ramos who posted a RT of .166 for an ET of 9.194 at 146.35.

Spyphish got a bye run but put on a show with a PERFECT RT of .000 posting an ET of 8.657 at 156.59.  Well done Stephen.  (We are most certain the crew at the Holt chassis shop are mighty proud!)

Rick Houser vs. Michael Ogburn.  Houser got the win with a .088 on the tree for an ET of 8.557 at 157.14 vs. Ogburns almost perfect light of .006 for an ET of 8.994 at 148.77.

Saturday, August 12

Three match races are scheduled for today.  Let's get to it!

Match Races Round 2:
Jerry Jenkins Vs. Wayne Ramos:  Jenkins lit up the pretty red bulbs with a RT of -.010 and finished out the run with an ET of 8.922 at 147.76.  (Noting: Jenkins also nailed a perfect RT yesterday in practice with .000 RT.)
Ramos get the win with a .033 and an ET of 9.215 at 146.18.

Rick Houser vs. Stephen Hebert:  It was Hebert's turn to see red with a -.015.  He shut down after that giving Houser the win with a .031 RT, an 8.567 ET at 156.81.

Skip Loeffler vs. Michael Ogburn's car driven by Jared Jordan.  Jared Jordan is the grandson of the legendary and recipient of this year's Lee Iaccho award, Harry Holton.  Harry was unable to attend and his lovely daughter Julie Jordan accepted the award on his behalf.  Jared has been running in the SS/BA category with a '65 Plymouth - so transitioning to the '68 Cuda should be doable.  In his first pass, he red lighted with a -.030.  He finished out the run with a 8.947 ET at 149.33 mph.  Skip Loeffler took the win with a .032 at 9.367 at 141.74 mph.

Match Races Round 3:
First up was Jerry Jenkins vs. Jared Jordan:  Unfortunately this was more like a match coast as both rolled through the started and didn't post any numbers to speak of.

Next Rick Houser vs. Stephen Hebert:  Houser had the engine wound up and was ready to launch, but he too rolled through the light posted a RT of -.119.  He stayed with it though and finished the run with an ET of 8.751 at 156.48.  Hebert's Spyphish got the win with another exceptional RT of .003 with an ET of 8.69- at 156.15.

Wayne Ramos Vs. Skip Loeffler.  Ramos missed the tree with a -.075 an ET of 9.225 and a mph of 146.19.  Loeffler enjoyed the win with a .037 RT, a 9.393 ET at 141.05.

Match Races Round 4:
Jared Jordan picked up a bye run for the final set of the day.  He had a touch of tire spin but got off the line with a .097 RT and posted a 9.144 ET at 148.61.  It was nice first appearance for Jared and let's hope he gets some more seat time in the future!

Next up, Jerry Jenkins vs. Rick Houser:  Houser posted the quickest of the RT with a .063 to Jenkins .096.  But evidental broke 3rd gear in the process of the run, got into 4th in a hurry to try and chase Jenkins down - but Jenkins would get the win with a ET of 8.967 at 147.81 vs. Houser ET of 9.154 at 152.57 mph.

Wayne Ramos vs. Skip Loeffler;  While Loeffler got the win on the line with a RT of .072 to Ramos at a .441, Ramos would capture with win with a ET of 9.093 at 146.45 to Loeffle's 9.487 at 141.47.

If you were keeping score and evidentaly somebody in the tower did - Wayne Ramos ended up with the most wins and Rick Houser posted the fastest ET for event.

Chief Photographer Doug is taking the red-eye home tonight just so that he can post pictures in the morning.  So be sure to stop back by and get a visual on all the racing.

Our personal thanks to Phil Painter - who is the champion of the Mopars at the Strip event.  His tireless efforts are enjoyed by thousands every spring.  If you haven't been to a Vegas event, put it on your Mopar bucket list.


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