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The Inaugural Tim Hebert Hemi "ChootOut"

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This weekend, Friday March 21st and Saturday March 22nd, is the first Hemi Shootout of the year at the Jeg's Cajun SportsNationals at No Problem Raceway near Belle Rose, Louisiana. 

Officially this event is called a Chootout, and the Hemi racers will honor fellow racer Tim Hebert who passed away in June of last year.  For years he raced a '68 Hemi Barracuda or a '65 Plymouth SS/BA with the Teuton/Southland crew.  Tim was as nice a guy as you would ever meet, a successful sugar cane farmer with a truly wonderful family. 

No Problem Raceway is considered a fast track and very racer friendly. The local elevation is officially listed as 16 feet above sea level.  Couple this with the sort of track preparation you expect at an NHRA event and the potential is there for some incredible performances.  The racers can gear up for attempts at setting a new national record at this event. Certainly the potential remains for any racers to run a top MPH of 160 or above. Our very unofficial list of competitors who have crossed that threshold are listed below : 

Jim Daniels                   Cecil, Georgia                 November 2009            Dart Automatic 
Charlie Westcott Jr       Maple Grove                  October 2010                Barracuda Stick 
David Barton                Maple Grove                  October 2010                Barracuda Automatic 
Charlie Westcott Sr      Maple Grove                   October 2010                Barracuda Stick 
Tyler Hard                    Maple Grove                   October 2011                Barracuda Stick 
Gary Wolkwitz              Atco, New Jersey           April 2013                      Dart Automatic   

So, let's get ready to rumble at No Problem Raceway for the Inaugural Tim Hebert Hemi "ChootOut"!  Car on track starting tomorrow!

 Friday, March 21st

12 Cars have taken a pass in the first round of qualifying.  Eight with full passes and a few others that are still working at it.  Steve Comella did not make a pass this morning - evidently there are a lot of parts surrounding the car right now.  We assume they'll find there proper place and be ready for Round 2.  So here's the list after a first round of qualifying - with the Westcott's on top.

1 Charlie Westcott Jr. 8.362 160.31
2 Charlie Westcott St. 8.438 157.08
3 Larry Perkins 8.490 157.15
4 Lloyd Wofford 8.538 155.71
5 Fred Henson 8.574 154.14
6 Steven Kent 8.618 142.63
7 Dan Zrust 9.008 147.48
8 Jim Pancake 9.044 144.91
9 Joe Tueton III SDE  
10 Russell Campbell SDE  
11 Stephen Hebert SDE  
12 Steve Comella No Pass  

In case you are wondering, Gary Wolkwitz and Jim Daniels were expected but are not in attendance.  David Barton is assisting in the Teuton camp.  The Paillot Brothers are here, but have a lifter issue.  The emerging problem for a raceway that's not suppose to have any....(sorry, just had to go there)...is that weather is moving in.  We expect not only a second round of qualifying today, but Round 1 of Eliminations as well.  The goal is to complete all running on Saturday as Sunday looks to be a potential wash out.

Round 2 of Qualifying

1 Charlie Westcott Jr. 8.362 160.31
2 Charlie Westcott Sr. 8.438 157.08
3 Stephen Hebert 8.476 158.15
4 Larry Perkins 8.490 157.15
5 Jim Pancake 8.495 155.35
6 Lloyd Wofford 8.538 155.71
7 Steve Comella 8.554 154.02
8 Fred Henson 8.561 154.12
9 Steven Kent 8.618 142.63
10 Russell Campbell 8.742 154.10
11 Dan Zrust 9.008 147.84
12 Cleve Stewart 9.283 144.53
13 Joe Teuton III 9.982 SDE

You'll notice a new name on the list, Cleve Stewart. He comes to us out of Division 4 and is carrying car number 484B on his '68 Barracuda.  Elimination Round 1 is up next...

Eliminations Round 1:  (Click on the ladder up above)
Round 1 of Eliminations was all about the reaction time!  Holy Cow!  Zrust just missed a great light, hitting the red with a -.012 giving the win to Pancake, who cut a .027.  Good preparation as he will be up against Westcott Jr. in Round 2.  Charlie cut a .035 light for his pass on the Bye run that moves him forward.  Cleve Stewart, in his first appearance, also lit up the red light - so the win went to Wofford.  Herbert bested Kent with a .049 reaction time, Campbell got the win over Perkins with a wicked .021 and Teuton, posted a .024 reaction time against Comella's .089 to get the win.  Charlie Westcott Sr. was asked to leave the line due to suspicious fluid leak.... that gave a Bye run to Fred Henson, who will enjoy a second bye run in Round 2.

They are pushing through into the evening to get ahead of the weather, so stay tuned for Round 2....

Eliminations Round 2: Westcott Jr. got the win over Pancake.  Hebert got timed out, leaving Wofford with a clear shot to the next round to face Westcott Jr.  Hensen took it easy on his Bye and while Campbell won the light with a .003, Teuton chased him down in the end for the win!  

They continue racing and we are waiting for the next call to the line....

Eliminations Round 3:  Westcott clearly had Wofford covered and gets the win.  Hensen popped the red light and gave the win to Teuton.  So it will be a classic final - Westcott Jr.'s Warfish against Little Joe Teuton in the King Cuda!

Final Round: With his fastest run of the day, Charlie Westcott Jr. in the Warfish wins the Inaugural Tim Hebert Hemi ChootOut with a 8.314 at 160.16 mph.  Congratulations to Charlie and the Hemi Militia!







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