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Mega Mopar Action at Maple Grove - June 22-23!

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Saturday, June 22

Six cars have arrived and are ready to rumble!  Among the pack are 3 Darts and 3 Barracudas, divided with 4 automatics and 2 sticks.  The challengers include; Larry Perkins, Jim Pancake, Matt Welker, Tyler Hard, Gary Wolkwitz, and Jim Daniels. The noted change is that Tyler Hard has replaced his stick and is back in an automatic!

After one round of qualifying:

Jim Daniels 8.437 157.25
Tyler Hard 8.626 154.95
Gary Wolkwitz 8.632 155.49
Jim Pancake 8.645 154.32
Larry Perkins 8.730 154.78
Matt Welker 9.204 Shut Down

Of Note:  Larry Perkins' engine program was with Grumpy Jenkins.  Since his passing, Bret Schlichtig and Jake Barbato, who worked with Grumpy for many, many years have continued to run an engine building shop.  While located at a different building (now in West Chester, Pennsylvania) the webaddress: www.jenkinscompetition.com , still is active and routes you to the  renamed Black Arrow Racing Engines and according to Perkins, they haven't missed a beat. They have maintained most all the customer engine programs with a majority of that work competing in SS/Modified and Comp eliminator.  Nice to see that Grumpy's legacy will continue.

Round Two:

Jim Daniels 8.508 155.52
Tyler Hard 8.707 154.09
Larry Perkins 8.658 154.14
Matt Welker 9.251 134.63
Gary Wolkwitz No time  
Jim Pancake Tire Spin  

Gary Wolkwitz has an engine problem and will not be returning to the competition.  Larry Perkins picked it up a notch this round. Everyone is actually pretty tight - so they'll have to drive 'em tomorrow to get the win!  There will be a third round of qualifing tomorrow prior to eliminations.  We will get some photos posted this evening for your enjoyment.  Until Sunday....

Sunday, June 23 -

Good Day from Maple Groove.  The weather conditions are best described as uncomfortable!  Technically - hot and sticky with temps that feel like they are above 90.

The session this morning was just for fun!  So with no potential advancement in qualifying; four cars took a pass this morning.  Quick time was Larry Perkins with a 8.644 at 155.13.  Hard was second quick at 8.646 at 154.88.  Pancake followed with a 8.675 at 154.39 and Matt Welker posted a 9.235 at 127.98. 

The majority of the field is very close, so the drivers are going to have to be on their games at the line to get the win here today!  Elimination - Round 1 is anticipated around 1pm. The ladder for today's competition has been posted - click on the link at the top of the page.  You'll notice that Wolkwitz is posted officially on the ladder - however, we are not anticipating his appearance today due to engine problems.  That leaves two very tight, heads up runs in Round 1 between the Jim's - Pancake and Daniels and two competitors who have never won a Hemi Shoot Out - Hard and Perkins!

Eliminations Round 1

With Wolkwitz out - Welker effectively got a bye run and will advance to Round 2.  Daniels takes the win over Pancake and had him covered from the get go.  He'll advance to Round 2 and enjoy a bye run into the finals. The Hard vs. Perkins race however was a real drag race, incredibly tight with almost matching MPH.  Hard gets the win!  He'll race Welker in Round 2.

Eliminations Round 2

Daniels enjoying a bye run into the finals - clearly was practicing in the lights with a  - .022.  He posted a ET of 9.900 and didn't finish the run out.  The next pair was Welker vs. Hard.  While Welker brought the MPH up a notch, Hard takes the win light posting a .133 RT, 8.650 ET, at 154.51 mph.  It will be Hard vs. Daniels for the finals.  Daniels might have the slight advantage, but the cars and drivers are close enough that there will bo no room for error if Daniels is going to deny Hard his first HSO title.  Ladder updated at the above link including RTs from Round 1.

Final Round

While Tyler Hard drove a very consistent race, it was Daniels leaving nothing for chance with a .017 light with a 8.567 ET at 156.63mph that claims the win for the Mega Mopar Action Hemi Challenge at Maple Grove Raceway!  Jim Daniel's has dedicated this win to Tim Hebert, a driver and member of the SS/AH family that passed away recently.  Jim stated, "This one's for Tim" as he pointed towards the sky.

Congratulations to Jim Dainels and the Ray Barton Crew! 

Special thanks to Maple Grove Raceway for their hospitality, to Penske Truck Leasing for their contribution as presenting sponsor - please find a reason to lease a truck from Penske everybody! 

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