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JEGS Cajun SportNationals 2013

Editor Note:  We have a lot of racing action this weekend.  Our ace photographer and king of pit scoop - will be in Belle Rose on the scene getting the latest and capturing the action.  We will also have reports filtering in from Mopars at the Strip in Las Vegas.  And our Editor - who handles the play-by-play posting - will be posting from St. Petersburg, Florida where her day job has her working the IndyCar event - Streets of St. Petersburg.  So it will be busy but as always - like you, we love these cars and look forward to bringing you the latest!

Friday, March 22 -
Seven cars have made an appearance in Belle Rose for the Cajun SportNationals.  Among them, 5 Barracudas, 2 Darts - 6 are automatics.  Among the challengers - Lloyd Wofford, Jim Daniels, Joe Teuton, Tim Hebert, Russ Campbell, Stephen Hebert and Joe Paillot.  Prior to Round 1 the Paillot Brothers car tested at an 8.67 ET / 154 mph, but had a lifter failure.  While they don't believe there is any serious damage to the block, they will need to pull the engine for a parts search.  Their concern is finding all the little needle bearings - so they are out for the weekend.

Here are your Round 1 results:
1) Jim Daniels  8.394 / 157.93
2) Lloyd Wofford  8.562 / 155.29
3) Joe Teuton III  8.678 / 155.17
4) Tim Hebert  8.753 / 152.85
5) Russ Campbell  8.754 / 151.56
6) Stephen Hebert - No Pass

At 8:50pm (CST) Round 2 of qualifying wrapped up, again five cars were in the staging lanes with the following results:

1) Jim Daniels  8.385 / 158.17
2) Lloyd Wofford  8.537 / 155.70
3) Joe Teuton III  8.568 / 155.52
4) Tim Hebert  8.615 / 154.44
5) Stephen Hebert  8.625 / 156.12

Saturday, March 23
Not a lot of action today. The track ran all of the Super Stock class with the exception of first round eliminations for the SS/AH cars.  The plan was to run them later this afternoon.  Then the rains came in and competition was brought to a halt.  It has now been called for the day.  So...elimination will begin tomorrow for the Hemi Shoot Out. 

Sunday, March 24
Well HEMI fans.....the weather has gotten the best of us.  Oil and Rain have combined to cancell the Shoot Out.  Jim Daniels, as the top qualifier would technically be the winner.

Of Note:  Mark Vieira was the only SS/AH car to attend the Mopars at the Strip and serious high speed winds shut that event down as well.

Our photographer Doug will be posting some photos from the weekend along with additionally commentary in the gallery.  Again, everybody was traveling a bit this weekend - so look for posting early next week.

As always, a shout out to our biggest support Eric Lotz at NHRA, who takes care of us and to the staff at No Problem Raceway for their hospitality. 






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