The Dutch Classic 2012
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Thursday, 11 October 2012 16:46

The Dutch Classic, October 11 - 13


Saturday, October 13th

Good Morning from Maple Grove!  During the night our group of ten grew to eleven with the arrival of Matt Welker.  The officials have given Welker a qualifying ET of 28 seconds, since there will be no passes this morning.  So your official qualifying orders is as follows:

1 Tyler Hard 8.265 162.61
2 Jim Daniels 8.346 159.38
3 Steve Comella 8.432 156.10
4 Jim Pancake 8.452 157.15
5 Gary Wolkwitz 8.475 141.22
6 Mark Howes 8.476 156.41
7 Joe Teuton 8.483 158.52
8 Jeffrey Kobylski 8.596 153.74
9 Mike Booker 8.749 157.93
10 Wendell Howes 8.790 124.44
11 Matt Welker 28.00 000.00

A full ladder is now posted in the link at the top of the page!

Round 1 - Steve Comella has had an accident during the first round of eliminations.  Going through both nets at the end of the straight-away, first and foremost, Steve is okay.  The original LO23 has sustained heavy damage to the front as well as the passenger side door, but at first glance certainly looks repairable.  There is some clean up needed to the track before competition resumes.  Again, we are thankful that Steve was not hurt.

A bit more news about Comella's incident.  He had made the decision to leave it all on the track in Round 1 relative to testing the performance of the Island Hemi during the last event of the season.  He probably left a few more bits that he intended...and that was due to a brake issue.  Kobylski won the round, even though he too lit the red bulbs.  Mark Howes gave us another amazing wheel stand - and by second gear, when he still wasn't back down, he needed to lift to take care of the car.  Welker, in his first pass of the day gets the win.  In the exceptional drive category, you'll find Teuton who out performed Daniels to's all in the numbers on the full ladder posted above.

Round 2 - It's been a day to expect the unexpected at Maple Grove.  In Round 2 of Eliminations, Jim Pancake also decided to leave it all on the track, but this time it was bits of his transmission.  Not kidding, the transmission tore itself up and left parts on the track as Tyler Hard sailed on for the win.  Hard will face Koblyski in the next round after Welker had serious traction issues at the line.  While both Teuton and Wolkwitz left early, Wolkwitz lit the red bulbs first so Joe Teuton will enjoy a bye next round to face either Kobylski or Hard in the final.

As we ready for Round 3 - In the paddock, Kobylski is adjusting the rear suspension to help the car go a bit straighter down the track.  It's currently pulling to the right.  Tyler is changing out a clutch due to some slippage.  Little Joe Teuton is VERY busy selling T-Shirts!  Mr. Cool!

Round 3 - The times speak for themselves.  Hard will face Teuton in the Final Round!

Final Round - All green lights and Joe Teuton get the win over Tyler Hard!  A nice drive by Joe Teuton who drove his way to the Championship today! 

While no record runs were posted this weekend, the competition on track was certainly unpredicatable.  We are glad that Steve Comella is okay and know that there will be a few Darts that will get some tender lovin' care back in the shops over the winter.  As always, our thanks to the staff at Maple Grove for their hospitality and to Penske Truck Leasing and Jesel for making another Hemi Challenge event at The Dutch possible. 

As always there will be lots of photographs posted from the event weekend, complete with commentary from the paddock - so enjoy! 


Friday, October 12th

Ten cars have made their way to the line today for, what is now listed as Q1 for The Hemi Challenge at the Dutch.  Tyler Hard has some interesting numbers but a LB3A was posted for his reaction time.  LB3A is Left Before 3rd Amber.  You'll note Kobylski posted one from yesterday.  In talking to Tyler, he commented that he staged shallow and then the bulbs flickered so he guesses he rolled back just enough.  While his mph was significant at 162.51, they did take a look and noted that he wouldn't have been a record run.  So no record runs today as of yet, but a heck of a wheel stand from Mark Howes and notice how close the overall field is....

The times from the passes today are:

Jim Daniels  .061  8.420  160.31
Steve Comella  -.040  8.432  156.10
Mark Howes  -.004  8.476  156.41
Joe Teuton  .035  8.483  158.52
Jeffrey Kobylski  -.052  8.658  153 86
Mike Booker  .133  8.749  157.93
Jim Pancake  .550  9.038  157.45
Wendell Howes  .088  10.242  93.34
Tyler Hard  LB3A  10.617  162.51
Gary Wolkwitz  -.008  13.087  78.34

After a second round a qualifying, only three cars improved their earlier times:

Jeffery Kobylski  -.020  8.596  154.21
Gary Wolkwitz  .085  8.475  141.22
Jim Pancake  -.061  8.452  157.15

The second round was held practically in the dark and the tempature was a nippy 48 degrees.  So you can appreciate where the drivers exercised caution.  The field is close though, so we are looking forward to some great heads up racing as The Hemi Challenge at The Dutch sponsored by Penske Truck Leasing and Jesel commences tomorrow! 

Thursday, October 11th

It appears that 9 cars are in the paddock area including Kobylski, Pancake, Daniels, Hard, Booker, Teuton, both Howes and Comella.   The word in the paddock is that the Barton camp is working VERY hard to ready the Wolkwitz's car.  In the first round of qualifying, five cars made an appearance at the line with Jim Pancake posting the quickest time.

Jim Pancake  -.016  8.434  158.28
Steve Comella  -.012  8.483  154.42
Jeffery Kobylski  -.035  8.640  152.93
Wendell Howes  .007  8.790  124.44
Mark Howes  .024  23.252  36.73

Of note, Joe Teuton is driving the red car with the flames, which has recently been converted to a stick shift. 

Qualfying 2 - Seven cars made an appearance.  Tyler Hard was quick time with a pace that is believed to be a neeeewww traaack record for an SS/AH car at Maple Grove.

Tyler Hard  .079  8.265  162.61
Jim Daniels  -.015  8.346  159.83
Steve Comella  .019  8.441  155.97
Mike Booker  .141  8.841  156.77
Wendell Howes  .044  8.861  123.98
Jim Pancake  .011  10.440  89.49
Joe Teuton  .140  21.235  62.92

Qualfying 3 - Seven cars made an appearance, although a slightly different set of seven.  Tyler Hard was again quick time!

Tyler Hard  .089  8.305  161.69
Steve Comella  .057  8.442  155.58
Jim Daniels  .080  8.460  138.31
Jim Pancake  .091  8.502  155.97
Jeffrey Kobylski  LB3A  8.689  153.28
Joe Teuton  -.034  8.767  153.21
Mike Booker  .116  13.448  99.12

At the end of day, it would appear that Joe wasn't happy with the red Barracuda with flames, perhaps some vibration in the driveline.  He was pulling the King Cuda out in anticipation of running it tomorrow.  We are expecting Wolkwitz to join the field tomorrow, so all total, we should have a field of 10.





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