The 58th Mac Tools US Nationals 2012


Friday, August 31

9:15am EST

Good Morning and welcome to Mopar's HEMI Challenge here at the 58th Annual Mac Tools US Nationals here at Lucas Oil Raceway Indianapolis in Indiana.  The weather this morning is sticky and the threat of rain from Isaac is looming, so cars took the track early as NHRA is working hard to squeeze the most out of the day. The Hemi cars are lined up and are waiting for the always fun Elephant Walk down to the staging lanes.  We have a full ladder posted at the top of the page and will endeavor to provide enjoyable coverage for those of you who can't be here to personal sniff the fumes (including are awesome IT guy Eric! Wish you were here!)

So - here we go..... slight tail win, light grey clouds dotting the bright blue sky.  Humidty is light for a southerner.

10:45am EST
Round 1 Eliminations got off to a start with a bye run for Joe Teuton.  As expected Stephen Kent did not appear in the lanes.  Nor did Lloyd Wofford or Russ Campbell, noting that Jim Daniels and Gary Jacob also enjoyed a bye run.  Several of the races where close including Pancake vs. Kobylski.  Stephen Comella did Dad Chuck proud with the Island Hemi adapting the humidty and taking out the Gold Coast of Dan Zrust.  While we hate to call it a surprise - Westcott Sr.'s horsepower was not up to the task of Gus Mantas killer reaction time giving Mantas the win.

We have just been informed that while Larry Perkins got the win in Round 1, he will not be at the line for Round 2.  Metal bits in the oil, he is done for the day.

1:31pm EST
Round 2 Elimination is in the books and the skies, while cloudy and dispersing the occasional drop, is still holding off nicely.  The expectation is that we will get everything in today.  Houser enjoyed a bye run this round due to Perkins misfortune and thrilled the crowd with an impressive .009 reaction time and solid run.  He will face Westcott Jr. in the next round.  Westcott Jr. is moving on, but David Barton made him work for it.  After the inspiring round this morning for Gus Mantas, his day ended before half track when the smoke coming from his car match the lovely blue paint scheme.  A redlight from Wendell also gave Comella a bit of an easier pass as well.

Moving forward, Westcott Jr. will take on Houser - watch the reaction times on this one!!  Teuton will be up against Tyler Hard and Jim Daniels will take on Stephen Comella.

3:10pm EST

Daniels gets the win over Comella and will get a bye heading into the Semi-Final Round - moving him into the finals.  The only question, who will he race?  Houser got the red light giving Westcott the win and Tyler got the best of Teuton as well.  Westcott will now take on Tyler Hard in the semi final round for a place in the final against Daniels.

The skies are now consistently grey, the humidity is picking up along with the sprinkles.  NHRA is working hard to keep squeezing the schedule so stay tuned.

4:46pm EST
Westcott gets the win over Tyler Hard, but it was close.  A great race decided by .03 of a second.  Daniels took the bye run and made a show out of it.  So we have a classic Westcott Jr. Warfish vs Jim Daniels - both National Record-Holdin- kinda-guys  One is a Westcott motor, one a Barton.  Ones a stick and ones an automatic. What we know for sure is that they won't go easy on each other!  Final round coming up!

8:04pm EST
The rains never materialized and the evening has turned out to be absolutely spectacular.  The grandstands are energized and it's time for the 12th Annual Mopar HEMI Challenge Final showdown.  Making an appearance just after the Funny Cars, Charlie Westcott is in the left lane - as he has been all day.  Jim Daniels the right.  Jim Daniels gets the better RT by .07, but Westcott has the horsepower and Charlie Westcott Jr. takes his 5th Mopar HEMI Challenge Championship!  He does so in fine fashion posted an 8.397 second run at 159.06 mph.

Congratulations to Charlie Westcott Jr. and the entire Hemi Militia on another fine showing here at the US Nationals.

Our thanks to NHRA as well for all of their hospitality and support of the  It is much appreciated.  Be sure to check out the photo gallery over the next several days.  Frankly Doug shoots so much, it just takes time to process, noting that each and every photo in our galleries comes with commentary and great behind-the-scene tid bits from the pits. 

Once again our thoughts are with friends and family in the gulf.  See everyone at The Dutch!

Thursday, August 30

7:00pm EST

So, after four rounds of qualifying the number one qualifier is Charlie Westcott Jr.  This is Charlie's second-consecutive pole position with the WarFish as he looks to extend his Mopar HEMI Challenge titles to five.  There are 23 cars qualified for tomorrow's shoot out, note that we do not expect Stephen Kent to appear for eliminations.  We will post a ladder in the morning, once confirmeAs we prepare for a very early Elephant Parade in the morning....we are hearing 8am, the Mopar HEMI Challenge qualifying order for 2012 is as follows:

1 Charlie Westcott Jr. 8.386
2 Jim Daniels 8.458
3 Charlie Westcott Sr. 8.488
4 Rick Houser 8.491
5 Wendell Howes 8.510
6 Tyler Hard 8.533
7 David Barton 8.545
8 Jim Pancake 8.550
9 Joe Teuton III 8.578
10 Larry Perkins 8.582
11 Stephen Comella 8.593
12 Russ Campbell 8.622
13 Lloyd Wofford 8.635
14 Gud Mantas 8.649
15 Dave Raybourn 8.671
16 Fred Henson 8.690
17 Stephen Hebert 8.719
18 Gary Wolkwitz 8.721
19 Jeffrey Kobylski 8.848
20 Stephen Kent 8.859
21 Tony DePillo 8.889
22 Dan Zrust 9.011
23 Gary Jacob 9.234


2:20pm EST

Of the twenty-one cars that made a pass in the third round of qualifying this morning, 16 showed performance improvements.  Early in the session Jim Daniels regain the number qualifying spot early in the session.  The sixth car down the track posting a time of 8.458 only to loose at the end of the session when Charlie Westscott Jr. wowed the crowed with an 8.386 at 159.80 mph.  Tyler Hard posted the second strongest mph at 159.49.

The 16 improved driver and times are as follows:

Charlie Westcott Jr. 8.386 159.80
Jim Daniels 8.458 157.85
Charlie Westcott Sr. 8.488 157.69
Wendell Howes 8.510 156.53
Tyler Hard 8.533 159.49
David Barton 8.545 157.28
Joe Teuton III 8.578 156.34
Larry Perkins 8.582 154.63
Stephen Comella 8.593 154.67
Russ Campbell 8.622 156.10
Gus Mantas 8.649 151.15
Stephen Hebert  8.719  155.92
Gary Wolkwitz 8.739 155.01
Jeff Kobylski 8.848 151.63
Tony DePillo 8.889 151.65
Dan Zrust 9.011 146.86
Gary Jacob 9.287




Wednesday, August 29

8:05pm EST:

Five competitors improved their performance on the second round of Wednesday qualifying.  Those drivers are as follows:

Wendell Howes 8.792 150.46
Gary Jacob 9.573 144.71
Jeffrey Kobylski 8.942 152.54
Stephen Hebert 8.789 154.51
Charlie Westcott Jr. 8.472 159.16

In other notes from the afternoon:  Mike Booker will not be in attedance nor will the Paillot brothers.  At this point Willie Shepherd and his Barracuda have not made an appearance in the paddock. 

After second round Charlie Westcott Jr. has moved into the number 1 qualifying spot  with a 8.472 / 159.16 mph pass followed by Jim Daniels and Rick Houser.  We expect another gorgeous day here in Indianapolis tomorrow and two more rounds of terrific Hemi action.

3:35pm EST:

After one round of Qualifying runs - here is the line up:

Jim Daniels 8.490 156.95
Rick Houser 8.491 157.95
Charlie Westcott Jr. 8.514 158.99
Charlie Westcott Sr. 8.542 156.97
Jim Pancake 8.550 155.14
Stephen Comella 8.601 153.77
Joe Teuton III 8.602 155.81
David Barton 8.606 154.78
Lloyd Wofford 8.635 154.39
Dave Raybourn 8.671 152.97
Larry Perkins 8.678 154.37
Fred Henson 8.690 150.51
Russ Campbell 8.765 153.91
Gus Mantos 8.794 151.61
Steven Kent 8.859 145.83
Tony DePillo 8.934 149.60
Stephen Hebert 9.085 153.98
Jeffrey Kobylski 9.178 150.43
Dan Zrust 9.182 144.98

The balance of the field:  Tyler Hard shut down early as well as Gary Wolkwitz.  Wendell Howes pulled to the line and then backed out.  So he did not make a pass.  While Steven Kent did get down the track - that will be his only pass for the weekend as his Barracuda is broken beyond repair.

Gary Jacobs has not arrived in the paddock as of yet, nor as Willie Shepherd.  Joe Teuton has informed us that Tim Hebert will not be partiicipating as he is battling Isaac.  So again, we will certainly keep our thoughts and prayers with those that are being hit hard this weekend.

Expecting one more pass yet today....


 Wednesday 8:10am EST

Official Entry List

Car#          Driver                      Car                Entry                                                                 
100H Tyler Hard Barracuda Ray Barton Racing Engine
138 Wendell Howes Barracuda Howes Racing
148 Larry Perkins Barracuda 148
303 Gary Jacob Dart Jakes Automotive Modern Cylinder Head
335 Jeffery Kobylski Dart Modern Cylinder Head
350 Jim Pancake Dart Carriage Towne CDJ Inc.
364 Tony DePillo Barracuda Honkin Hemi
403H Stephen Hebert Barracuda Reher Morrison, Holt Race Cars
412 Kyle Ratcliff Barracuda Pete's Son
452 Steven Kent Barracuda Kent Services and Trucking
499Z Joseph Paillot III Dart Paillot Brothers Racing
720 Dave Raybourn Dart Jones Engine Devel/TCB Industry
721 Rick Houser Barracuda Wayne Brooks
1428 Gus Mantas Barracuda Mantas / Vortech
1517 Melvin Daniels Dart Ray Barton Racing Engines
1945 Gary Wolkwitz Dart Earthquake / Ray Barton Racing
1969 Stephen Comella Dart Island Hemi
1990 David Barton Dart Earthquake / Ray Barton Racing
3036 Charlie Westcott Sr. Barracuda Jackson Drywall
3343 Willie Shepherd Barracuda Shep Race Cars
3410 Randall Warford Barracuda Warford Motorsports
3651 Charlie Westcott Jr. Barracuda Warfish
4222 Fred Henson Dart Henson Family Dealership
4420 Tim Hebert Barracuda Southland Flyer / Hebert Bros.
4426 Joe Teuton III Barracuda Southland Truck Group
5529 Russ Campbell Barracuda Missouri Mule
5583 Dan Zrust Barracuda Total Engine / Stevens Race
6027 Mike Booker Barracuda Mike's Auto

It's time to fire up the Hemis and get busy on track!  We are on the scene here in Indianapolis where the weather is ideal!  Of course, our thoughts and prayers are with friends and familes in the path of Issac.  Isaac may have an influence on race day, but for now - we expect to see the boys getting after some impressive runs!

We apologize in advance to your boss if you loose a little productivity this week - but stay tune and we will keep you posted as we cover the 12th Annual Mopar HEMI Challnege Liiiiivvvvveee!




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