Mega Mopar Action at The Grove
June 9, 2012


Friday, June 8th -

Only four cars took advantage of the track time today (set up only, no passes).  Perkins, Howes and both of the Westcott's.  As many of our Hemi Shoot Out guys live in the area, there is lots of wild speculation and rumor as to who will be at the track bright eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning.  We will be on the scene first thing to report in.....

Saturday, June 9th -

In addition to the four cars that set-up camp yesterday, the three cars out of the Barton camp have arrived this morning, specifically Jim Daniels, Gary Wolkwitz and Tyler Hard.  Still in route are two Barracudas in the Teuton hauler.  So a smaller field for this newly added event to the schedule with nine cars - 4 sticks, 5 automatics, 2 Darts and 7 Barracudas.  The weather today - hot!  We hope that action on track is equally up to temp!

One other note of interest: Big Daddy Don Garlits is in the paddock with his black V-10 Drag Pack Challenger. 


The Teuton hauler has arrived.  The drivers this weekend for the camp will be Tim Hebert and Daniel Rogers.  Official qualifications will take place at 1pm and 4pm today.  Drivers have been given the option of a freebie warm-up pass if they so elect.  All cars are in the tech process at the moment.


After one round of Qualifying:

Charlie Westcott Jr. 8.387 160.23   
Tyler Hard 8.469 159.10  
Charlie Westcott Sr. 8.486 158.99  
Gary Wolkwitz 8.499 157.28  
Wendell Howes 8.554 156.35  
Larry Perkins 8.564 156.81  
Jim Daniels 8.567 157.85  
Daniels Rogers 8.709 154.09  
Tim Hebert 11.186 108.66 Tire Spin

While only nine cars strong, this is shaping up to be a formidable field posting some very quick times in considerable heat.


Both Rogers and Hebert took advantage of the freebie pass offered up by the promoter prior to the second official qualifying round of competition.  Rogers posted a 8.665 at 156.03 mph and Hebert got some grip and posted a very solid 8.788 at 151.90 mph.

Round 2 of Qualifying:  Only three cars improved in the heat of the day and the grid below shows the qualifying order after two rounds of qualifying.  Of note in the second round was the effort put forth by Mr. Hard, who in our photographer's opinion has now pulled the "New Wheel Stand of the Year".   Complete with sparks, we hope that everything is okay with this magnificently painted Barracuda.

Charlie Westcott Jr. 8.387 160.23        
Tyler Hard 8.469 159.10  
Charlie Westcott Sr. 8.486 158.99  
Gary Wolkwitz 8.499 157.28  
Jim Daniels 8.544 157.58  
Larry Perkins 8.548 156.57  
Wendell Howes 8.554 156.35  
Daniel Rogers 8.662 155.01  
Tim Hebert 11.186 108.66 More Tire Spin

Round 1 of Eliminations is scheduled for 1:00pm!  As always, please enjoy the ever-growing and sizeable photo galleries complete with extended commentary from the pits!

Sunday, June 10th -

The ladder has been posted up above.  Round one of eliminations is in the books.  Westcott Jr. and his Warfish will move forward to round two after a Bye run to face Wolkwitz's Earthquake, who beat Rogers in an Oh-so-close race.  Tyler Hard, as the number two qualifer with a win over Perkins will get a bye in Round 2.  Wendell Howes lit up the red lamps against Westcott Sr., so Jim Daniels, who got the best of Tim Hebert will see Charlie Westcott Sr. in Round 2.

Round 2 - The Warfish just had a bit more bite than the Earthquake.  The same for the other Hemi Miltia car with Westcott Sr. getting the best of Jim Daniels, by only .005. off the line.  While Hard had his hands full with some tire slippage, he did a nice job reining things in to keep the Barracuda on course.  Advance to Round 3 - will be Westcott Jr. vs. Hard and Westcott Sr. will get the Bye.

Round 3 - Charlie Westcott Jr. gets the Mr. Consistent Award for the last two passes.  .065 RT, 8.476 ET and 159.59 mph and .055 RT, 8.475 ET, 159.59 mph.  Probably speaks for itself.  It will be an all Westcott final!

Final Round:  Westcott Sr. red lights with a -.031 RT, so Jr. gets the win!

Congratulations to Charlie Westcott Jr. Champion of the Mega Mopar Action at The Grove!

Be sure to check out the gallery.  We have already received many comments on the new "Wheel Stand of the Year" by Tyler Hard!  Even those that saw it live couldn't wait for the complete series of shots. 

We certainly welcome everyone to join us on Facebook as well.  Please feel free to post pics of your favorite SS/AH cars and drivers and join the conversation.

As always, special thanks to Maple Grove Raceway who is clearly one of the best friends the Hemi Shoot Out can have hosting not one, but two events every year, giving the guys a great track to race on (despite the serious heat), and for welcoming the to provide coverage of the event. 




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