Mopars at the Strip - Las Vegas, Nevada - April 13-14.


Friday, April 13th -

It's a windy day in Las Vegas but 14 SS/AH cars have taken to the line for Round 1 Qualifying (first set of numbers).  Round 2 is now complete and we have posted those number, for comparision beside Round 1.

01) David Barton  8.465 / 158.69                      8.439 / 159.23
02) Gary Wolkwitz  8.603 / 155.76                    12.01 / 74.0
03) Rick Houser  8.617 / 156.41                       DNR
04) Dave Raybourn  8.688 / 151.60                  8.630 / 153.77
05) Stephen Hebert  8.701 / 155.85                 8.699 / 156.26
06) Mark Vieira  8.721 / 153.44                           8.733 / 153.56
07) Jon Percy  8.836 / 151.12                            8.823 / 155.78
08) Chuck Rayburn  8.882 / 151.22                 8.834 / 152.19
09) Tim Hebert  8.906 / 150.21                         8.905 / 150.16
10) Michael Ogburn / 8.921 / 135.82                8.868 / 138.06
11) Mike Booker  9.014 / 151.66                       8.769 / 153.91
12) Joe Teuton  9.066 / 121.69                         8.630 / 157.12
13) Jerry Jenkins  9.409 / 148.15                     9.302 / 149.06
14) Gary Moore  Stage but No Pass                9.471 / 141.06

We are checking if there will be a third round of qualifying before posting a ladder for tomorrow's shoot out.  We will also be chatting with the drivers in the pits for interesting bits! 

There will be a third round of qualification yet today.  Should be coming up shortly.  All is quiet in the pit area with everyone happily doing normal rub-on their-car kind of stuff! 

After a light sprinkle of rain, Round 3 of qualifying kicked off with a little too much excitement!  Dave Raybourn and Mike Booker were the pair and at the 800 ft. mark, Mike Booker broke loose, got crossed up and did a hell of piece of driving to keep the car out of the wall.  Nobody was hurt, the cars are fine, but the track was shut down for inspection.  We have now learned that due to conditions, there will not be another round of qualifying today.

Saturday, April 14th

There is a light sprinkle on the track this morning and therefore all race activity has been halted until 11am Vegas time. 

A driver's meeting has just been held.  At 12:30, providing there is no more rain, a third round of qualifications will commence.  Then one hour post, the Mopars at the Strip Hemi ShootOut will begin with Round 1.  While it is currently not raining, the sun is not out either.  The condition are cool/cold and the track crew will earn their money today to get the track prepped and ready for racing.  Stay tuned...

Official Qualifying Order:

After three rounds of qualifying here is the official order:

01) David Barton  8.439 / 159.23
02) Gary Wolkwitz  8.602 / 155.02
03) Rick Houser  8.617 / 156.41
04) David Raybourn  8.630 / 153.77
05) Joe Teuton  8.631 / 157.12
06) Stephen Hebert  8.699 / 156.26
07) Mark Vieira  8.721 / 153.44
08) Mike Booker  8.769 / 153.91
09) Jon Percy  8.823 / 151.78
10) Chuck Rayburn  8.834 / 152.19
11) Michael Ogburn 8.868 / 138.06
12) Tim Hebert  8.905 / 150.18
13) Jerry Jenkins  9.215 / 147.02
14) Gary Moore  9.471 / 141.86

Round 1 is set to take place in about 30 minutes. 

The first round of the HEMI ShootOut in Vegas is in the books...or on the page.  A couple of notes:  During the fourth pass, Gary Moore's engine had issues and sent up smoke signals at the end of the track.  This shut things down for clean up.  Once up and running again, the remainder of the round was completed.  Moving forward to Round 2 is David Barton, who will get the bye; Rick Houser will take on Stephen Hebert's Spyphish, Gary Wolkwitz's Earthquake will see the King Cuda driven by Joe Teuton, and defending Las Vegas ShootOut Champ, Mark Vieira will run David Raybourn.  There were two gold stars on reaction times - Michael Ogburn with a .006 and Rick Houser with a .002!  That's getting it done!

Due to tricky track conditions, the balance of the Hemi Shoot will run on Sunday.  Start time is posted at 10am.

Ray Barton Honored with Lee Iacocca Award.

Before we continue with Hemi ShootOut Coverage, we need to take a moment and join those that attended the Mopars at the Strip, in acknowledging that a very special honor was bestowed on Ray Barton this weekend, the Lee Iacocca Award.  Presented to a very special person who, over time, has demonstrated an extrordinary dedication to the classic car hobby through vehicle preservation, club participation, and one who has unselfishly assisted and encouraged other in perpetuating an American Automotive Tradition, this very unique award is linked to the Iacocca Family Foundation whose mission is to find a cure for diabetes.

While many of us remember Lee Iacocca and his work at Ford, his effort in not only saving Chrylser but also paying back the loan; he was also the champion of the Statue of Liberty restoration.  Ray Barton is a worthy recipientent of the Lee Iacocca Award.  Not only for his legendary work with the mighty HEMI engines, but because Ray, as a Englishman who moved to Canada, just to be closer to America, and then won a lottery for entry into this country, will tell you that his proudest accomplishment is becoming an American.  Nothing more American, than the ultimate American Muscle machines of the 1968 Barracudas and Darts and Ray's work has significantly impacted their history and preservation.  Clearly Lee Iacocca would have been well pleased with this year's recipent as a craftsman and as a person.

Sunday, April 15th -

The best pairing in Round 2 today was Wolkwitz and Teuton.  The Earthquake ultimately got the King Cuda but only by a shake.  Mark Vieira lost his bid to keep his title to David Raybourn and Rick Houser cut another really nice light to end the day of the Spyphish.

Heading into Round 3, Barton would face Houser, who gave it up with an uncharacteristic red light.  Wolkwitz, with only a slight advantage over the #4 qualifier Raybourn, got the win light in a solid race.  Barton and Wolkwitz advanced to the final round.

With the number 1 and number 2 qualifiers up for the final, everyone needed to bring their A-game and Gary Wolkwitz did just that, cutting a  wicked light of .008, but that was all the Earthquake had and David Barton, on a weekend when his father Ray was honored for all of his contribution to the sport and the cars that we all respect and appreciate, won the Championship round of the Hemi ShootOut at the Mopars on the Strip.


Congratulations to David Barton and the entire Barton Camp, including Jim Daniels - who asked David to drive his Dart this weekend, and to Ray Barton as the recipient of the Lee Iacocca Award!


We also need to thank Phil Painter and his entire crew for hosting another great Mopars at the Strip event and including the Hemi ShootOut cars in the festivities.  Special thanks to Michael Ogburn who sponsored a portion of the happening for the Hemi ShootOut cars and drivers and to many of the drivers who contributed to make this event possible. 











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