Jeg's Cajun Sports Nationals


Friday, March 16 -

There are 15 cars in attendance at the first Hemi Shoot Out of the season.  10 Barracudas and 5 Darts, 10 of which are automatics and 5 are sticks.  After practice on Thursday, we lost two competitors - Russ Campbell has an unhappy engine and Gary Moore, is going to work on a few things so that his car doesn't become unhappy.  After the first round of qualifications, we then lost Lloyd Wofford.  He too has an unhappy engine.  We will work on details.

So after a second round of Qualifying:

1) Jim Daniels  8.399
2) Gary Wolkwitz 8.424
3) Joe Teuton 8.469
4) Charlie Westcott Sr.  8.498
5) Charlie Westcott Jr. 8.503
6) Steve Comella 8.542
7) Steven Kent  8.558
8) Jim Pancake 8.560
9) Fred Henson 8.650
10) Lloyd Wofford 8.664
11) Dan Zrust 9.051
12) Tim Hebert 9.113
13) Stephen Hebert  9.405

The ladder has been posted for tomorrow.  Eliminations are expected to begin around 2pm Cajun time.  Plenty of time for Steven Kent, J. Alan Sherman (Driver in the Teuton car on occassion) and the pilot to fly to Pasadena, TX tonight, work on a cylinder head and get back to the track and be ready for action.  Talk about dedication!!  You've got to love racers! 

Also burning the early evening oil... is the Spyphish camp who are working on Mr. Hebert's transmission.  We hear that he may be getting some assistance in the parts department from fellow competitor Steven Kent.  Again, you've got to love racers. Everybody wants to beat you when you're at your best - no excuses.  A helping hand in the paddock, competition on the track!

A few other notes:  While Wofford is listed on the ladder, we do not expect him to make an appearance tomorrow.  Doesn't mean that he won't.  The same with Gary Moore. Again, these guys are racers!

Last but not least - we now have a twitter feed.  You can follow us @hemishootout.  We will be posting race notes and tidbits.  Enjoy!

Until tomorrow!

Saturday, March 17th - Happy St. Patty's to all.

At 3:40, the call came for the Stockers and Super Stockers to the line.  So, we have not seen Round 1 yet.  We will keep you posted.

Round 1 is on the ladder, which is posted above.  A few notes:  Jim Daniels did the mother of all wheel-stands and most likely left a mark on the back bumper.  Our photo guru Doug got it all on pixels and will post the full sequence, so be sure to check the gallery on Monday.  It was impressive and worthy of a look!  Wolkwitz got crossed up on his departure and started heading toward the center line.  No damage to the car, but he will not advance to Round 2 today.  Gary Moore was all set to head to the line to take on Kent, who managed to fly back in from Pasadena with the fixed cylinder head, repair his car and crank it by 9am this morning! You gotta love racers!  Unfortunately, Moore's fuel pump was not ready for the task, so Kent got to click it off early.  Also unfortunate, the other side of Kent's engine now has the same problem he fixed last night, so he will not be appearing for Round 2, giving Westcott Sr. a bye run.

One last light of the round goes to Tim Hebert with a .008!

Round 2...We only had two pairings and both were great match ups.  Steve Comella dug in a little too deep on the light and produced our first red light of the competition.  Seeing red, Joe Teuton then gave his cuda a break down the track for the win.  The second pairing, again a potential close match brought the first sorta surprise, with Fred Henson beating Charlie Westcott Jr. . Henson will get Dad in the next round and Pancake will line up against Joe Teuton's King Cuda!

Round 3.....Both matches were beautifully executed and produced finishes that required a look to the boards to see who won!  Pancake's Dart bested Teuton and Westcott Sr. bested Henson.  So a classic Pancake vs. Westcott matchup will bring us to the final.

Final Round....Again, another great round of heads up drag racing, which is why the Hemi Shoot Out cars and drivers are still some of the most popular of all the Sportsman racers.  In an oh-so-close finish, Pancake's Dart was beat by Charlie Westcott Sr's Hemi Militia Barracuda!  Congratulations to Charlie and the entire Hemi Militia team!

So our first HEMI Shoot Out for  the seaon is in the books.  Photographs, and lots of them, will go up - complete with more behind-the-scenes commentary on Monday...and probably a few more, yet again on Tuesday.  So check back and get a visual on what could be the wheel stand of the season!  Pretty early to make that comment, but it might just be true!

Our special thanks to the staff at No Problem Raceway for allowing us on the scene, the NHRA staff who seemingly don't mind when we are in the tower asking for more information and especially to our favorite NHRA guy Eric Lotz!  We are not quite sure what we would do without Eric who has been a supporter since day 1!

Next up:  Mopars at the Strip in Las Vegas.....come celebrate tax weekend with us!  Phil Painter and the boys put on one heck of a weekend, so make plans to come out and see all the great Mopar action!






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