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Coverage of The Dutch at Maple Grove Raceway, October 13 - 15


As it is currently scheduled there will be two rounds of super stock qualifying on both Thursday and Friday with eliminations on Saturday, weather providing. The weather is iffy on Thursday, but is expected to be perfect record-setting environment this weekend.

Last year's Dutch Classic was notable in that is was the fastest field of SS/AH cars ever, and nine of the thirteen entries having turned in a personal best performance during the qualifying sessions. Then during eliminations three competitors put 160 MPH performances up on the scoreboards (Westcott Sr., Westcott Jr. and David Barton).

This past weekend at Maple Grove Raceway was the make-up session for the rain plagued NHRA national event for the sportsman racers in stock, super stock, super gas and super comp. Both Tyler Hard and Jim Daniels were treating class eliminations at this national event as a test session for the upcoming Hemi Shootout. Both of these cars displayed 160 mph on the scoreboards this past Friday (October 7th), something new to both of these cars. (Photog Doug has the proof in a Jpeg.)

If you own a SS/AH car you really need to be here. If you are a fan you can expect to see some impressive runs down the quarter mile, if for no other reason than knowing that super stock Hemis love the air and the traction at Maple Grove Raceway in the fall. So make plans to come out and support your friendly neighborhood SS/AH guys. Many of whom have T-shirts for sale at their transporters.

Friday, October 14
The weather is being very un-cooperative, so due to wet conditions, we have yet to make a single pass in preparation for the Hemi Shoot Out tomorrow. 3:31pm - Racing has been called for the day.  The plan is to give everybody one qualifying pass in the am and then the shoot out will commence on schedule concluding by days end.  Of course, the opportunity for record-setting runs yesterday and today appears to have been lost.  We will let you know should the promoter try an accommodate that opportunity tomorrow.

Saturday, October 15

Qualification took place shortly before noon.  Lowest ET goes to Charlie Westcott Sr. in the #3036 Barracuda with a 8.407.  The full qualifying order is listed below.  You'll note that the Comella car is now being driven by Chuck's son Steve.  They have new horsepower in from Westcott.  Wendell Howes also did a massive wheel stand - look for that sequence of photos in the gallery.  The ladder for Round 1 is posted and yes, they have just been called to the line for Round 1 of the HEMI ShootOut at The Dutch.

1) Westcott Sr. 8.407 / 158.46
2) Westcott Jr.  8.417 / 160.59
3) Jim Daniels 8.425 / 158.74
4) Gary Wolkwitz 8.455 / 156.57
5) Steve Comella 8.494 / 154.05
6) Jim Pancake 8.512 / 156.48
7) Russ Campbell 8.723 / 155.51
8) Daniel Rogers 8.766 / 152.30
9) Stephen Hebert 8.805 / 157.98
10) Gus Mantas 8.891 / 139.99
11) Jeffrey Kobylski  10.311 / 94.15
12) Joe Teuton 10.965 / 79.02
13) Larry Perkins 12.850 / 68.07
14) Tyler Hard 13.107 / 69.23
15) Matt Welker 14.377 / 66.90
16) John Baughman  14.672 / 62.28
17) Wendell Howes 16.015 / 47.73

In the pits prior to Round 1:  The call to the line has been given.  While a few are in the lanes, there are a few others that are just lovin' life thrashing on their cars, remembering that a day spent thrashing on your race car is still a great day.  Teuton is changing a transmission.  Campbell, Perkins and Hard are all rubbing on their clutches.  Kobyliski had tire damage on the qualifying pass and we hear, thanks to Joe Teuton, is changing out a front tire.

Round 1 Notes: Tyler Hard never made it to the line and Joe Teuton had mechanical issues that kept him from making a pass.  He was pushed out of the lane.  Sometimes you think you can guess the outcome about certain pairings....and just as soon as you do, you recognize that racing is not predictable. The unexpected of Round 1 was Kobylski's win over Daniels, with no disrespect meant to Jeffrey.  They both went red but Kobylski was the lesser of the two evils.  Daniels did post a wicked ET of 8.353 however, in order to finish first, first you must - well at least go green.

Round 2 Notes: Heading into the round Koblyski was working on his carburetors - and clearly it paid off.  With a Bye run next round - Koblyski is into the Semi-Finals!  He's had a tough year fighting a major war with a very specialized cancer.  He wanted us to let everyone know that he is "still alive" and that things are looking up in that battle - so this result is simply very cool!  Perkins replaced his clutch addressing a problem from Round 1 and has advanced another round.  Daniel Rogers actually broke a valve spring in Round 1, and he too, saved by a red light, has lived to see anouther round. 

Round 3 Notes: It's almost 5pm and Round 3 is in the lanes.  We have 5 cars remaining in the HEMI ShootOut and interestingly enough, they represent 4 different engine builders; A pair of Bartons, a Westcott, a Jenkins Competition, and a Modern Cylinder Head.  Current temp in Maple Grove - a chilli 65 degrees.

Charlie Westcott Jr. is taken out by Perkins in a very close and exciting race.  Perkins will see Kobylski in the semi-final round and the winner of that match up - will race Wolkwitz's HEMI Earthquake for top honors at the Dutch. 

Round 4 Notes:  Kobylski did his job in the lights and Perkins had an issue from the beginning, which turns out to be the loss of an engine.  Big hole in the side of the block. Of course, keeping your car running is part of the competition.  Soooo..... Kobylski gets the win and will head to the final round against Wolkwitz. 

Note:  Due to oil on the track from the Perkins Barracuda in the other lane, Gary Wolkwitz was ordered by the event director to stage, get a green light but in no uncertain terms was he to go down the track.  He was allowed to then back out and idle back to the paddock.

Due to the lack of light, cool temps etc....the Final Round of the HEMI ShootOut at the Dutch will commence tomorrow morning.

Round 5 Notes: Sunday, Ocotber 16th:

It was a clean round...Kobylski cut the best light, but in the end Wolkwitz had the power.  Congratulations to Gary Wolkwitz on a winning the HEMI Shoot Out at The Dutch!







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