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Results for the John Holt Race Cars Hemi ShootOut at JEG's Northern SPORTSnationals
September 23 -24, 2011


Friday, September 23:

With the close proximity to the US Nationals, the field for this event will be small but interesting.  Mositure has kept the wheels from turning so far today (12:58pm) but your competitors are as follows:

1) Russ Campbell and the Missouri Mule
2) Jim Pancake's Dart
3) Joe Teuton in the King Cuda
4) Daniel Roger's in the Orange and White (Teuton) Barracuda
5) Charlie Westcott Jr and the Warfish
6) Charlie Westcott Sr. and his matching Hemi Militia Big Fish.

More to come.....

7) Harold Leiter in his original BO29 is expected tomorrow.
8) Jeff Kobylski is rumored to make an appearance tomorrow as well.

First round of qualifying will be tommorow am before Eliminations.

Saturday, September 24:

Weather has not been our friend today.  But we now have a round of qualifying on the books.  Six cars reported to the line and they posted times as follows:

3651 Charlie Westcott Jr.  .075  8.367  160.29
3036 Charlie Westcott Sr. .064  8.504  158.13
350   Jim Pancake  .046  8.725  155.31
5529 Russ Campbell  -.081  8.731  156.01
426   Daniel Rogers  .145  8.752  151.27
47     Joe Teuton .031 - Shut Down Early

Round 1 is expected in the next hour -ish.  The ladder, in anticipation of Round 1, is posted with Qualiyfing ET's.

Heading into Round 1 there were a few camps in motion - a little work with Carb floats, some rubbing on a clutch and some big thinking with regards to a little tire spin.  The results put Pancake, and the Westcott's moving forward to the next round.

It will be an all Westcott final for the John Holt Race Car HSO.  As we move into the evening (it's now after 6:30pm) the air and track will be cooling down.  If the track gets too cold, it gets dangerous.  On the other hand - cool air, could be rather exciting!

It's 9:58pm and the final round of the John Holt Race Cars Shootout has just taken place.  Westcott Jr. vs. Westcott Sr.  Jr. did a big burn out past the lamps for a bit of showmanship.  Sr. then got into the staging lights first only to red light and give the win to Jr.  So congratulations to Charlie Westcott Jr. on another stellar performance.

Again, thanks to John Holt Race Cars, Jesel, VP Fuels and Moroso for their support of the Hemi ShootOut this weekend at the Jeg's Northern SPORTSnationals.  Special thanks to Jay Hullinger, Eric Lotz and the entire National Trail Staff for their hospitality.  As always, it's a great time to go racing with them.

Next Event:  Everyone's favorite - at Maple Grove.  Will we have a new national record???







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