Results - US Nationals 2011
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Wednesday, 31 August 2011 15:22

Results for the Mac Tools US Nationals 2011...


Friday, September 2 -

A schedule change this morning...the Elephant Parade is now scheduled for 11am with Round 1 to follow.  The heat is out in full force today, so it will be a factor.  More to come....

Running a little late, first round has finally commenced.  Results are posted on the ladder. The Teuton vs. Kobylski race was a great race that you couldn't call by sight. However, most noteable in the first round was that almost everyone, with the exception of three passes - red lighted in the right lane.  Houser will be thinking about his all the way back to California with a .007 against Westcott Sr.  Daniels, up against his teammate Barton broke loose on the track.  On the upside, both Howes are still in.  More to come.

Round 2 is in the books and there were some wicked lights, great races and one crowd pleasing wheel stand by David Barton.  Track temp was 128 degrees.  So again, the heat is a factor,  Moving forward into the next round,,,both cars of the Hemi Militia, Jim Pancake, Gary Wolkwitz and Canadian Wendell Howes.

Back in the paddock - there are a few crews that are busy.  The HemiMilitia and Gary Wolkwitz are doing routine maintenance and cooling down their cars.  The Howes have changed out a valve spring on Wendell's machine, but consider it routine maintenance.  Pancake's Dart experienced a shift issue before the last round and feels darn lucky to have been graced with a -.001 light, courtesy of Mark Howes.  They have now replaced the transmission, not once but twice.  Everyone is in the lane and Round 3 will go just after alcohol Funny Car, which is currently on track.

Round 3 is complete.  The track temp is now in excess of 135 degrees.  It's easy to forget how powerful these cars are and the skill it takes to man them, especially the sticks.  Both races in the round were great.  Wolkwitz just got Pancake and Howes almost took out Westcott Sr.  Westcott Jr. had the bye, but will race Wolkwitz for a chance at the big money.  Westcott Sr. for his efforts over Howes, has a Bye in the next round before heading into the finals.  Will he race his son?  Or will Wolkwitz upset the possibility of an all Westcott Final?

Round 4 is also in the books and it will be an all Westcott Final.  Jr. had to earn it - chasing Wolkwitz down to catch him in the very end.  But for fifth time in the Mopar HEMI Challenge history a Westcott will take home the prize, the hardware, and the bragging rights.

It was a close race.  Side-by-side all the way down.  And Charlie Westcott Wins!  Jr. that is!  Congratulations to the entire Hemi Militia team for a great effort. 

Next Event:  Just announced, John Holt Racing is sponsoring a Hemi Shoot Out at the JEGS Northern Sportsnational, Sept 23-25.  More information will be forth coming.  Our thanks to Mopar and NHRA for the hospitality this week.

Thursday, September 1 -

We had two rounds today of qualifying with the resulting ladder for Round 1 posted just up above.  There are some interesting pairings on the ladder.  Of note, last years final round pair of Barton and Daniels will meet in Round 1 this year.  It's always tough to run a teammate, but particular in Round 1.  Other than Lloyd Wofford, everyone is still running well and is ready for competition tomorrow.  Lloyd and Linda Wofford have parts breakage issues from last weekend and are extremely upset that they will not be in competition tomorrow.  They wanted to pass along their thanks to their fans and supporters for their understanding.

Houser and Campbell both put together nice runs today and put themselves solidly in the field.  Of note, Rick Houser is driving for still relative new owner, Wayne Brooks.  Evidently when Brooks bought the car from Jim DeFrank, he got Rick Houser too!  It's a happy camp complete with Hemi Miltia power.  Russ Campbell is sporting a Tony DePillo powerplant.

All the Holt boys were tuning up the Pancake Dart late this afternoon.  There were several comments about the heat, the track and the lack of grip, and did we say the heat....but again, everybody seems pretty keyed up about the challenge tomorrow.  It is the biggest race of the year for the SS/AH cars and if you look back over the ladders of HEMI Challenges past, you'll note that the large majority of losses comes in the lamps on the tree. So keeping a cool head will be key.

Round 1 of the 11th Annual Mopar HEMI Challenge starts tomorrow....The Elephant Parade will be roughly around 9:30am.  The NHRA Media staff have graciously given us a spot with WIFI, so we expect to provide round by round coverage throughout the day.  We hope that if you are stuck in your office that this is of some consulation.

Wednesday, August 31 -

Our photographer is on the scene getting all the dirt, okay fumes....from the paddock area.  So far, we have Q1 as follows:

1) Charlie Westcott Jr. 8.425 158.91
2) Charlie Westcott Sr. 8.461  158.78
3) Tyler Hard 8.507  159.78
4) Gary Wolkwitz 8.586  156.39
5) Chuck Comella 8.600  155.60
6) Jim Pancake 8.635  155.51
7) Wendell Howes 8.640  154.53
8) Joe Teuton 8.650  157.03
9) Steven Kent 8.653  155.08
10) Stephen Hebert 8.706  153.82
11) David Barton 8.731  153.95
12) Fred Henson 8.742  152.31
13) Mark Howes 8.743  152.07
14) Daniel Rogers 8.916  150.40
15) John Baughman 8.988  148.20
16) Dan Zrust 9.032  148.30
17) Jeffrey Kobylski 9.090  150.25
18) Russ Campbell 9.722  135.54
19) Rick Houser 13.518  MPH - N/A
20) Melvin Daniels 14.272 MPH - N/A

Notes from the day....

Tyler Hard who is qualified third currently holds the dominate mile-per-hour.  Just saying!

Division 6 racers Mike and Tammy Booker are unable to attend the US Nationals but have made arrangements to have their Barracuda hauled to Indy and driven by none other than David Barton.  The car will be using David's Division 1 permanent number at this event.

Lloyd Wofford damaged some parts on his Barracuda last weekend at Bowling Green, Kentucky.  At this point, it would appears that repairs are not possible and we do not expect the car to compete.  Bummer.

Tim Hebert will not be here this weekend.  So the Teuton / Southland Performance Team will only be running two cars.

No word on the whereabouts of Larry Perkins or Willie Shepherd.

At 4:30pm the second round of qualifying for Super Stock commenced with the following combined results:

1) Charlie Westcott Jr.  8.425  145.--
2) Charlie Westcott Sr.  8.461  158.78  (No appearance in second round)
3) Tyler Hard  8.507  159.78
4) Jim Daniels  8.571  156.73 *
5) Gary Wolkwitz  8.586  156.32
6) Chuck Comella  8.600  154.85
7) Jim Pancake  8.635  154.74
8) Wendell Howes  8.640  154.81 *
9) Joe Teuton  8.650  Unknown Mph
10) Steven Kent  8.653  154.00
11) Stephen Hebert  8.657  157.54 *
12) David Barton  8.731  153.95 (No appearance on second round)
13) Fred Henson  8.742  151.80
14) Mark Howes  8.743  Shut Down Early Pass
15) Daniel Rogers  8.900  150.36
16) Russ Campbell  8.921  Unknown Mph
17) John Baughman  8.988 (Shut Down Early)
18) Dan Zrust  9.032 
19) Jeffrey Kobylski  9.090  149.35
20) Rick Houser 9.234  153.46 *

* Improved their MPH over Round 1 Qualifying.
Unknown MPH - means that our photographer was really busy trying to shoot pictures and get all the MPH's down - since nobody else post those MPH's...and well, he missed a few.  Slacker!










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