The Grove 2011 - Results

The Grove Presented by Mopar Action Magazine at Maple Grove Raceway - June 25 - 26

Our main man Doug the Photog will be on the scene with all the scoop starting tomorrow. 

Friday Activity:  Three SS/AH cars arrived at the track and took advantage of the Maple Grove Raceway Friday street car Test-N-Tune session.  Yup, that's right.  Just snuck into the staging lanes amongst a slew of boulevard cruisers and street machines and took their turn at pounding the pavement.  And our photographer was there to witness this.  So if you like pictures of high RPM Hemis testing the adhesive qualities of the concrete starting line, the photos have been posted of the two Westcott and the Perkins Barracudas in action.  And yes, the event director allowed these cars to each make a bye run instead of having them paired off against a 13 second Mustang or turbo Honda.  Weather forecast for Saturday calls for possible morning rain - then clearing the remainder of the weekend.  High temps around 82 degrees. 
Saturday Activity: 
After one round of qualifying -
Jim Daniels  8.478 @ 158.22
Larry Perkins  8.529 @ 158.26
Tyler Hard  8.668 @ 158.43
Gary Wolkwitz  8.684 @ 154.44
Jim Pancake  8.716 @ 151.43
Chuck Comella  8.732 @ 152.88
Stephen Hebert  8.773 @ 155.72
Matt Welker  9.116 @ 147.20
The Westcott's Sr. and Jr. both shut off early.  They both had strong performances in the practice yesterday, so as always, don't count them out.
Of note:  Tyler Hard is sporting a new clutch pedal and Matt Welker, a new entrant, also has one.  Stephen Hebert who had some damage at Las Vegas is spiffy again.  So ten cars going for the money!!  Next round of qualifying at 3pm.
After a second round of qualifying -
Charlie Westcott, Jr.  8.443 @ 159.76
Jim Daniels  8.478 @ 158.22
Charlie Westcott Sr. 8.528 @ 157.74
Larry Perkins  8.529 @ 158.26
Gary Wolkwitz  8.645 @ 155.02
Tyler Hard 8.667 @ 157.89
Stephen Hebert @ 8.679 @ 155.51
Jim Pancake  8.716 @ 151.43
Chuck Comella  8.720 @ 153.02
Matt Welker  9.116 @ 147.20
Of the ten cars in the field there are six Barracudas and four Darts.  There are six cars that are sticks and four with an automatic transmission.  Oddly enough, all the Barracudas have a clutch pedal.  All the Darts that are in attendance have a Torqueflite automatic transmission.  We are not even going to try and rationalize this.
Jim Pancake did not make it to the staging lanes for the second round of qualifying.  The oil filter contents looked like trouble was brewing inside the engine, so the oil pan was dropped.  One of the rod bearings was very discolored and spun, so the engine will be coming out for repairs. 
Sunday morning, there will be a freebie time trial allowed at 10am which will not effect the qualifying sheet or the ladder.  Elimination will begin at Noon.
A really big round of applause goes to Michael Ogburn with the West Coast Hemis team and also to Perkins Truck Service Center in King of Prussia, PA for providing some major funding for the prize money for the racers.
Sunday Activity:  So far, there has been a whole lot of giving it up on the starting line.  In the second round Daniels with a potential winning run and a red light.  Arrgggg!  In the last few rounds take a good look at the ladder - and look at the consistency of Westcott Jr. and Perkins.  Could they be any more dialed in??
Charlie Westcott brought home the win in championship style!  Congrats to Charlie and the WarFish!!  Another job well done!




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