The Moparty at the Strip is underway....
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Here is the news from The Strip...


After two rounds of qualifying seven cars have posted times in the following order:

1)  Stephen Hebert  8.577 at 152.93 mph
2)  David Raybourn  8.739 at 151.34
3)  Mark Vieira  8.809 at 150.75 mph
4)  Rick Houser  8.824 at 155.01 mph
5)  Jon Percy  8.927 at 149.05 mph
6)  Tony Mandella  9.010 at 149.15 mph
7) Jerry Jenkins  9.065 at 148.40 mph

A third round of qualifying will be held tomorrow at 10am.  However, Stephen Hebert pitched a drive shaft at the end of his first pole sitting run and with damage to the undercarriage will not be returning to the track, but rather to John Holt's Race Shop.  Of note, it pitched at the 1100 ft. mark on the track and he coasted through the lights on the upper end.  Can you imagine what the run would have been if completed?  Also of interest, is that Hebert's SpyPhish is now supporting a clutch pedal.  Rick Houser has also joined the clutch pedal movement - plus some new paint.  And like Hebert, he too is going home early with a blown engine after today's competition. 

Until tomorrow.....


After three rounds of qualification - we had a change with Mandella improving his postion to spot #5 on the ladder with a 8.832 / 148.46.  And while Mr. Jenkins didn't improve his position, he did improve his qualifying time to 8.981 / 148.25.

The first round of eliminations got off on time, however a rain shower delayed the second round until much later in the afternoon - the delay has pushed the final round until tomorrow, Sunday.  The MoParty is in full much for typing any more!

Until tomorrow.....


As noted on the results sheet - Raybourn and Vieira went to the final.  A close heads up race was posted with Mr. Vieira coming out as Champion.  As the old saying goes, you can't beat me if you're not here!  Congratulations to Mark Vieira and his '68 Dart!

Be sure to enjoy the photo gallery - as our Photoman Doug was on the scene.

We are fairly certain that many of the fans will still be feeling the effects of a great time had for several days to come.  Once again, thanks to the MoParty at the Strip folks - who host a great event every year and give us all something that make weekends worth looking forward to!






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