Dutch Classic Hemi Shoot Out presented by Penske Trucks and Jesel


Thursday, October 21 - Round one of Qualifying

01) Charlie Westcott Jr.  8.343 at 161.40
02) Gary Wolkwitz  8.402 at 157.63
03) Charlie Westcott Sr.  8.451 at 159.42
04) Tyler Hard  8.488 at 157.14
05) Mike Booker  8.592 at 155.49
06) Don Bales  8.643 at 152.61
07) David Barton 8.861 at 129.63 (shut off at 1000 ft)
08) Jeff Kobylski  8.915 at 148.10
09) Wendell Howes  10.775 at 86.73
10) John Baughman  13.154 at 61.76

Notes: Charlie Westcott Jr. set the record for the fastest MPH at 161.40.  It's not a national record until the ET comes with it though.  A few who did not make a pass - Chuck Comella and Stephen Hebert.  Jim Daniels and crew are still working on his engine.  He is expected at the track on Friday.  Bill Brooks is also in route, provided he can get the part required to repair is towing truck.  He is currently stranded in North Carolina, at least that's the word in the paddock.


Friday, October 22nd - Round two of Qualifying

01) David Barton  8.313 at 160.52 *
02) Charlie Westcott Jr. 8.343 at 161.40*
03) Gary Wolkwitz  8.402 at 157.63
04) Stephen Hebert  8.427 at 157.71 *
05) Wendell Howes  8.442 at 157.65 *
06) Charlie Westcott Sr.  8.451 at 159.42
07) Mike Booker 8.451 at 157.65 *
08) Chuck Comella  8.467 at 156.41 *
09) Tyler Hard  8.488 at 157.14 *
10) Don Bales  8.500 at 155.92 *
11) John Baughman  8.588 at 154.63 *
12) Jeff Kobylski  8.915 at 148.10
13) Jim Daniels - Shut Down Early

Notes:  First and foremost - this is the fastest field of SS/AH shoot out car - ever. There is not a single car in the 9's!! (Technical disclaimer - Jim Daniels has yet to make a full qualifying pass, he shut down in an earlier run, but hey, the guy is the national record holder - so we say it counts!)  Secondly, every asterick represents a personal best!  Note to self if you own a SS/AH car - you need to be here!

Also of note, the track surface temperature at the end of the qualifying session was 61 degrees with an air temp of 48.  Tyler Hard did not make a pass today.  He went to warm up the engine this morning and found the oil pressure to be suspect.  An investigation has commenced.  Lastly, there will not be a qualifying run in the morning.  So at 12:30 tomorrow - expect round one of the fastest Hemi SS/AH field ever!!!

Saturday, October 23rd
The results ladder is posted and the Dutch Classic Hemi Shoot Out is in the books.  Congratulations to Jim Daniels!!  Over the course of today's competition there were several no shows to the line (particularly difficult for Tyler Hard - who played a big hand in getting sponsorship posted for this event - Thank you, Tyler), and a few that simply throttled out of the pass.  We'll get all the scoop we can out of the paddock area and get them posted along with our usually plethora of photographs over the next little bit. 

All in all - another amazing event at the Dutch for the Hemi Shoot Out cars.  So many best performances and so many close record runs.  Certainly why we all love to come to the Dutch for this time of year for Super Stock competition.

Post Race Notes:  Both Barton and Hard had engine problems, which was the reason for the DNS (Did Not Show) on the ladder.  The good news is that none of the engine problems where catastrophic.  For those of you keeping Grumpy Bill Jenkins in your prayers - there was a message painted on the inside wall of the track with a message that "we miss you Grumpy".  You can see photos like this, complete with commentary in the gallery.  In fact, you'll find lots of tidbits and behind-the-scene notes on each picture in the gallery - so enjoy!  As an update, Bill Brooks and his lovely crew chief Mrs. Brooks, we also missed at this event and we trust that they have made it back to Florida safely.  Lastly, the Mr. Consistency award goes to Jim Daniels - who Qualified 13th, made four passes 8.328, 8.329, 8.329, and 8.342 to bring home the Championship!  Wow!




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