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Saturday, September 25th

Round 1 Notes: The biggest story out of Round 1 is Perkin's win over Westcott Jr.  Perkins clearly got the hole shot.  Given the high powered pass by both cars this was a well deserved win by Perkins.  Everybody that came to the line was on their game as we had an almost red light free first round.  Russ Campbell and Jeff Koblyski did not appear.

The next round is filled with three great pairings:  Perkins vs. Pancake - only one thousandth difference between them.  Daniels vs. Westcott Sr. and Wolkwitz vs. Barton.  All tight races with history!

Round 2 Notes:  As expected three unbelievable races!  Pancake came off the line like a shot and that was the difference as he and Perkins ran neck and neck through the lamps.  Frankly, that's how drag racing is done.  Jim Daniels got the advantage on Westcott Sr. early on and never let up.  He'll run Wolkwitz in the semi-finals, with a one thousandth of a second advantage - Daniels will get lane choice.  Wolkwitz is up for the challenge.  In the paddock area he was autographing hats for young fans.  In the meantime, Daniels was pulling valve covers and Pancake had the oil filter apart for inspection. 

Round 3 Notes: Wolkwitz put up a strong pass, but it will be Pancake vs. Daniels for the final round.  A casual observation - an all Dart final.

The sun is setting, the tempature is dropping and the track is getting a little greasy....the Mopar Hemi Challenge final pair have been called to the line.

Final Round:  Eric Lotz from NHRA just came into the media center with the news.  Jim Daniels is broken and Jim Pancake is ill.  However, Pancake will make a pass and be crowned Champion momentarily.  Certainly an anti-climatic ending to an amazing day of drag racing.  The competition was so close - every pass, all day long.  Our congratulations to the entire field for putting on a great show...and to Jim Pancake, Jegs SportsNationals Mopar Hemi Challenge Champion.

Sunday Post Event Update: Late last night during the traditional tear-down for the winner, the Pancake car was cited for an engine infraction.  The win was then awarded to Jim Daniels.  Note, both drivers share the same engine builder, so we imagine that the celebration was at a minimum.  It would also be a fair statement, that with out further detail - infractions can be major as well as minor.  The Jim Pancake car as well as the Jim Daniels car have both been through numerous tear downs in recent history without issue. 

It was still a great day of racing for an incredibly tight field.  Our thanks to the hospitality of the staff at National Trails Raceway and to the NHRA crew for helping us bring you - round by round coverage in a timely fashion.  Lastly, as we are still on the road, the ladder has not been revised...yet. 

After Round 3 Qualifying:
01) Charlie Westcott 8.452
02) Jim Daniels 8.497
03) Gary Wolkwitz 8.527
04) Tyler Hard 8.529
05) Charlie Westcott 8.552
06) David Barton 8.587
07) Larry Perkins 8.588
08) Stephen Hebert 8.602
09) Chuck Comella 8.621
10) Jim Pancake 8.649
11) Russ Campbell 9.040
12) Jeffrey Kobylski 9.313

Friday, September 24th -
After Round 2 Qualifying:
01) Charlie Westcott Jr.  8.545
02) Jim Daniels   8.586
03) David Barton   8.587
04) Tyler Hard   8.607
05) Gary Wolkwitz   8.612
06) Jim Pancake   8.649
07) Charlie Westcott Sr.   8.697
08) Stephen Hebert  8.704
09) Larry Perkins  8.743
10)  Russ Campbell  9.040
11)  Jeff Kobylski  9.313

Notes:  Shown as not qualified is Chuck Comella. He has simply not gotten a full pass down the track in the first two rounds.  Only Gary Wolkwitz improved in the second round and several did not even come to the line including Charlie Westcott, Jr. and Sr. as well as Larry Perkins.  Russ Campbell struggled for some grip and a decent pass - perhaps tomorrow in the cooler temps.  There will be one more qualifying pass tomorrow at 10am.  There was hope of one more "clean up" pass and several, including Comella had hoped to make use of perhaps cooler tempatures to improve their times, however, big, black cloud are rolling in now and rain has started to fall - so that should wrap up the day.

Just one more note of interest - 4 out of the 12 cars in competition this weekend are sticks, including: both Westcotts, Larry Perkins and Russ Campbell.

Just reported Jeff Kobyliski and Russ Campbell are out of the competition for the weekend.  Russ Campbell reporting valve train breakage.


After 1 Round of Qualifying:
It's hot and the field is tight!

01) Charlie Westcott Jr.  8.545
02) Jim Daniels  8.586
03) David Barton  8.587
04) Tyler Hard  8.607
05) Jim Pancake  8.649
06) Gary Wolkwitz  8.657
07) Charlie Westcott Sr.  8.697
08) Stephen Hebert  8.704
09) Larry Perkins  8.743
10) Russ Campbell  9.040
11) Jeff Koblyski  9.313






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