US Nationals 2010 Results

Mac Tools US Nationals - Mopar Hemi Challenge, 2010

Friday, Sept 3:
The cold front has moved through!  The temp this morning is a lovely 68 with a high today of 75 expected, cooling again tonight before the final round.  As of this morning, NHRA has yet to publish the ladder.  The question is whether or not the Westcott's actually withdrew i.e. will they be on the ladder or not.  They are not in the paddock area this morning.  Let the fun begin!

There was some confusion in the staging lanes when the first official ladder appeared.  The Westcott's were not on the ladder and neither was Jim Daniels, Opps!  Although on the way to the staging lanes, Daniels had a mishap - some carb leakage that caused a small but quickly contained fire.  The Barton crew got to work and Jim made it to the first round - beating Randy Warford despite Jim's interesting start to the day.  All totaled 20 cars made passes for Round 1 and the competition would be well described as close.

In Round 2 - the surprise win was Tyler Hard's victory over Gary Wolkwitz who had him covered by a tenth.  But Hard got the hole shot - one hell of a hole shot and simply beat Wolkwitz.  The balance of the runs proved to showcase a host of close races that were won by the narrowest of margins.  Each passes into the final was simply great racing. 

The final was set between the Funny Cars and Top Fuel in front of an audience that was well aware of the close match up ahead for the Mopar Hemi Challenge.  Daniels and Barton both brought their A-game and it wasn't until the last moment that the crowd knew Jim Daniels had got the win!  The fact that Jim Daniels runs out of the Barton camp - hopefully lessened the sting for David.  It was a great match up and a great race!

The availability of information in the paddock area was severely limited.  So, we have completed the ladder to the best of our ability at this time. 
To see the ladder as it is for now -
click here.


Thursday, Sept 2:
The SS/AH cars got two qualifying passes's the breakdown from the pits.  First, there are several cars that have not reported to the line or frankly, even made it to the paddock.  Among the MIA are Lewis and Keyes, Willie Shepherd, Bucky Hess, Dave Raybourn, Joe Teuton III, and Bob Wolkwitz (who's actually here but just not with his Barracuda).  On the plus side, Lloyd Wofford in his Barracuda, who was not on the entry list, is here and made two passes today.  This is a first appearance for this Westcott powered, B&B prepared chassis. 

While sporadic rain occassionally delayed track activity, it did not delay Charlie Westcott and his father from getting their cars packed up after  the first round of passes this morning.  Westcott Sr. had problems after his Wednesday qualifying pass and Westcott Jr. had a problem this morning on his first pass.  There isn't anyone in the paddock area that would be surprised to find that they had driven the five hours home, repaired the cars only to drive back through the night to make round one tomorrow - but even for the Westcott's this would be a tall order.

Without the Westcott's, this field just got a whole lot tighter.  Here's the line up as it stand after three rounds of qualifying:

01)  Charlie Westcott Jr. 8.413
02)  Gary Wolkwitz  8.546
03)  Charlie Westcott Sr.  8.590
04)  Larry Perkins  8.609
05)  Wendell Howes  8.610
06)  Jim Pancake  8.610
07)  Dave Barton  8.625
08)  Tyler Hard  8.629
09)  Jim Daniels  8.637
10)  Mike Booker  8.641
11)  John Rains  8.643
12)  Stephen Hebert  8.653
13)  Mark Vieira  8.666
14)  Chuck Comella  8.715
15)  Mark Howes  8.716
16)  Don Bales  8.718
17)  Lloyd Wofford  8.729
18)  Rick Houser  8.768
19) Randall Warfrod  8.809
20) Steven Kent  8.903
21) Russ Campbell  9.155
22) Harold Lieter  9.156
23) Dan Zrust  9.192
24) Jeffrey Kobylski  9.218

8:45am is the call tomorrow for the "elephants on parade" as the SS/AH cars come to the line for Round 1 of the 10th Mopar Hemi Challenge at the Mac Tools US Nationals.


Wednesday, Sept 1:

After one round of qualiying passes on Wednesday, Charlie Westcott Jr. and his Warfish were the quick time not only for the SS/AH field, but for all of Super Stock with a 159.25 mph.  Once again, proving that he is "The Man" and according to Joe Teuton, if you want to be "the Man", you have to beat "the Man".  Here's how the field is shaping up....

01) 3651  Charlie Westcott, Jr.  8.413
02) 1945  Gary Wolkwitz  8.575
03) 3036  Charlie Westcott, Sr.  8.590
04)   138  Wendell Howes  8.611
05)   148  Larry Perkins  8.635
06)   350  Jim Pancake  8.637
07) 799J  John Rains  8.643
08) 7005  Mark Vieira  8.666
09) 403H Stephen Hebert  8.673
10) 100H Tyler Hard  8.708
11) 3392 Don Bales  8.773
12)  721  Rick Houser  8.787
13) 3410 Randall Warford  8.809
14)  452  Steven Kent  8.952
15) 1381 Mark Howes 9.077
16)  5529 Russ Campbell  9.155
17) 5583  Dan Zrust  9.192
18)  335  Jeffrey Kobylski  9.295
19) 6027 Mike Booker  9.421
20)  342  Harold Leiter  9.865

David Barton and Jim Daniels did not appear in the staging lanes today.  The same with Chuck Comella, but all are in the paddock area.  Lloyd Wofford staged the car but shut down with an oil leak.  Souces indicate that Dave Raybourn and Bucky Hess will not be participating.  Willie Shepherd is enter and is new car for all of us here at  Can't wait to see it. Bob Wolkwitz, Jim Keyes, and Joe Teuton III have also yet to be seen in the paddock or come to the staging lanes.  We have several guys in new paint - so be sure to check out the gallery!





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