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Qualifying Report: Your pole sitter is Charlie Westcott Jr. with a 8.619 at 156.34 mph.  2) Larry Perkin's new ride with a 8.716 at 154.65 mph.  3) David Barton, again in the Hard Car at 8.718 at 153.37mph.  4) Gary Wolkwitz with a 8.752 at 155.31 mph. 5) Don Bales with a 9.061 at 144.49 mph.  The balance of the field including, Westcott, Sr. Campbell, Pancake and Buntin shutoff during the pass.  With an ambient temperature hovering in the high 90's, the guys are earning it today.  The good news - the grandstands are covered.  So fans will have it made in the shade enjoying a great show tomorrow.  Posted 2:39pm 6/18

Final Qualifying Line Up:

1) Charlie Westcott Jr. 8.511
2) Gary Wolkwitz 8.558
3) David Barton 8.646
4) Charlie Westcott Sr. 8.677
5) Larry Perkins Sr. 8.716
6) Jim Pancake 8.723
7) Don Bales 9.043
8) Russ Campbell 9.718
9) Bob Buntin 11.812



Race Report:

Final Round:  The boys have been called to the line.  This is really the first time that we have had a Barton / Westcott final since Jim Daniels set the world on its ear.  Speaking with David Barton, he was very pleased that he and Gary Wolkwitz, also using Barton power, where able to qualify well and find themselves in the semi-final and final round.  The sun is setting, the grandstands are packed and the track is still hot.  Everyone is looking forward to a great final here in just a moment.

Wow!  What a finish. Barton beats Wescott off the line by .070 of a second. He was better at the 60 ft. He was better at the 330. But by half track, Wescott would catch him and take the win light.  Westcott with a 8.512 at 157.63 mph to Barton's 8.633 at 153.51.  Congratulations to Charlie Westcott Jr., Winner of the Hot Rod Reunion Mopar Hemi Challenge.

Third Round of Eliminations: Gary Wolkwitz set the pace for the race with a nice RT of .036 that got him out ahead of Charlie Westcott Jr.  But the Warfish had a bit too much and caught him in the end.  Barton took the opportunity of the bye and cruised thru the lights in preparation for tonight's final round against Westcott Jr.  Therefore, Westcott will get lane choice.  I'm thinking left!

Second Round of Eliminations: As they come to the staging lanes, we got the news that Charlie Westcott Sr. will not come to the line.  He is broken.  So Charlie Westcott Jr. took it easy out of the lights, but posted a beautiful run from his favorite left lane.  Gary Wolkwitz also got a bye from the left lane. He gave the crowd a real show, with his brilliant orange paint glistening in the sun, he pulled an amazing wheel stand and a great run, showing that he is ready to take on Westcott next. The only race was between Barton in the Tyler Hard car against Larry Perkins.  It looks like Perkins gave up a bit in the start, so Barton will move into the a bye round next before heading into eliminations. 

First Round of Eliminations:  A couple of notes:  Russ Campbell, who just got his car out of Holt's shop - literally coming directly from his shop to the race had an unfortunate break in the engine and was unable to come to the line today.  He was bummed, because the car drove out straight arrow yesterday and he was looking forward to the competition.  So Westcott Sr. moves on, but didn't have a complete pass either.  Wolkwitz got the best of Pancake who has been struggling with grip yesterday, but got a nice pass in for this round.  In the last pair, Buntin got scarey loose after pulling third gear.  So Perkins, who managed to make some clutch repairs and get to the line in the nick of time, pulls out the win.



(Open Tournament Ladder  PDF)



Trackside Report: 9 Cars have made their way to Kentucky, including 2 new competitors. Bob Buntin from Lexington, KY has shown up with his Hustlin' Hemi Dart and Larry Perkins is debuting his new Cuda with a motor by Jenkins. Perkins is from Collegeville, PA. The balance of the line up is as follows: Dave Barton, driving the Tyler Hard Cuda, Gary Wolkwitz, The Westcotts - Jr. and Sr., Mr. Pancake, Don Bales in the Silver Bullet, and Russ Campbell. Posted 11:28am, 6/18



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