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Mopars at the Strip 2010 Results Page....

Qualifying Report: You'll notice on the tourney ladder that Jim Daniels is in the 15th spot. That's what happens when you bend a valve! So parts where put on a plane Friday night and flown out from the Barton shop in Pennsylvania. The crew thrashed and managed to get everything together in time for a "free pass", which was given to the entire field this Saturday morning. In the "round" of free passes - Jim Daniels posted a 8.545 ET at 154.7 mph. Interesting, Westcott Jr. was in the other lane and ran a 8.486 ET at 155.49 mph. Let the Eliminations begin!

Race Report: The ladder really speaks for itself.  What could have been a big shoot out bewteen Daniels and Westcott, wasn't.  Daniels who started the weekend with a bent valve, finished the weekend with a broken bullet as well.  So congratulations once again to Charlie Westcott, Jr. in the '68 Warfish Barracuda.


(Open Tournament Ladder  PDF)



Pre-Event Report:

Las Vegas Promises to be Interesting!!

Most conversations of SS/AH over this past winter have centered on the recent performance of Jim Daniels in his red hot Dodge Dart.  Just as Charlie Westcott Jr's. 8.386 at 156.15 mph set the forums a buzz the previous winter with his Dutch Classic run near Reading, PA.

Obviously, conditions were very good in Pennsylvania in the fall of 2008 and 2009.

An E.T. of 8.331 to set the record is most impressive.  That was on Thursday, October 22, 2009.  NHRA national records are recognized during qualifying runs, not during eliminations.  However, on Sunday, October 25, 2009 during eliminations, Daniels ran an 8.273 first round, an 8.297 the semi-final round and just for good measure, ran an 8.284 in the final round against David Barton in a Barracuda.

Five weeks later, Jim Daniels did it again in Cecil, Georgia on November 29 by setting another NHRA national record with an 8.29 at 160mph.

Last weekend in Bell Rose, Louisiana, Daniels ran an 8.29 at 159 mph.  The point is that the car is consistently quick.  Daniel's performance at the Dutch Classic was not just one good day with a strong tailwind.

Ray Barton, Daniel's engine builder has found a performance advantage, noting that the car has passed tech inspection at two NHRA tracks.  This could be the Barton camp's year to dominate.....or will we find in Vegas that someone else has been working very hard over the winter!!  Either way, one look at the entry list and fans of Hemi Shoot Out racing will recognize that Las Vegas promises to be very interesting for fans and competitors alike.




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