Dutch Classic 09 - Results
Written by Eric   
Sunday, 19 July 2009 16:00
Results Tree: (This document will be updated after every round! Stay tuned and refresh this page often!)

Four rounds of competition were held this morning - Sunday morning - bright an early around 10:15am.

Jim Daniels - enjoying a bye running, didn't hold anything back - posting an even lower time than the new national record on Thursday. Daniels with team support from Ray Barton Engines laid down a 8.273 with a MPH of 157.72. Whew! And we wonder why these cars are clearly the favorite of all the sportsman divisions.

The other round of interest was the brother battle of Wolkwitz vs. Wolkwitz. Evenly matched heading into the round, however, it would be Bob Wolkwitz driving the Mike Booker Barracuda that would have the edge all the way down the track. He too is in Barton power.

Out of the four remaining cars in the quarter-finals, three out of the four are Barton powered, with Hebert as the sole representative of the Westcott camp. While Daniels is certainly setting a new standard, David Barton posted an 8.389 this morning, Bob Wolkwitz with an 8.399 - so these final rounds might be determined in the lights!


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