In The Event of Rain...
Written by Eric   
Thursday, 22 October 2009 21:06


The Mopar Hemi Challenge will run on Sunday!  Expect it to launch early.



In The Event of Rain . . . . . . 

There was a drivers meeting held Thursday afternoon at 5:00 
concerning the possibility of a rain drenched Saturday.  Forecasts 
for Sunday look really nice, sunny and dry.

Eliminations for the Mopar Hemi Challenge are scheduled for 

The current thoughts are to run the qualifying rounds as scheduled 
on Friday.  If there is rain on Saturday the Mopar Hemi Challenge 
will be run on Sunday with first round most likely to occur early.
Time slots are obviously still pending but probably around 8:30am. 
The hemi cars would be run before the first round of super stock.

There is a lot of spectator interest.  Lex Dudas and Bob Lang from 
NHRA Division # 1 know that the Mopar Hemi Challenge is very 
near and dear to all and are committed to run all the rounds of 
eliminations to determine who gets the bragging rights.

And just think of this . . . . If the weather is nice on Sunday the 
crowd just might see performance improvements.  Jim Daniels
8.331 e.t. was his first pass of the event.  Hmmmmm

Something to think about.


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