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Thursday, 22 October 2009 20:50

Friday's Activity:

Mopar Hemi Challenge cars have just been called to the line.  11:58 Friday EST

Chatter in the staging lanes:

Chuck Comella lost his hood yesterday during the run.  Just came flying off.  He informed us that the clips were in fact- in, but it appeared that the hood buckled in the middle and took flight anyway.  John Holt who was standing by, when asked commented that, "this was not a problem when he went 149 mph!"  Today they have serious bolts in the hood.  Pictures will be posted.

Qualifying Round 3

Jim Daniels: .011 / 8.363 / 157.54

David Barton: .055 / 8.445 / 155.36

Gary Wolkwitz: -.001 / 8.502 / 154.79

Stephen Hebert: .185 / 8.528 / 154.69

Jim Pancake: .050 / 8.535 / 154.40

Bob Wolkwitz: -.021 / 8.548 / 154.67

Wendall Howes: .065 / 8.583 / 153.81

Chuck Comella: .495 / 8.714 / 150.1

Tyler Hard: .090 / 8.836 / 152.83

Al Symth: -.063 / 8.884 / 152.74

Russ Campbell: .021 / 9.071 / 142.15

William Kraft: In the Lane / No Pass

John Baughman: As left the building


Note:  Chuck Comella's hood didn't cross the finish line with Chuck - again.  It did however make what appeared to be a soft landing, in the grass, on the banks, just on the other side of the wall.

Rain is on the way....

Just visited Chuck's camp.  He is done for the weekend.  The second launch of the hood caused more significant damage, even ripping the metal in the inner fender panel and complete removal of the scoop.

The rain has arrived and the running as been called for the day. 

They will make an effort to run the Mopar Hemi Challenge tomorrow, weather providing.  If not tomorrow, then it will run Sunday.  



Results from Qualifying Rounds 1 and 2:

Pennsylvania Dutch Classic - Mopar Hemi Challenge
Qualifying Results, as of Thursday Evening

We have a new National Record!!

Congratulations to Jim Daniels, who in Round 1 Qualifying
posted an E.T. of 8.331 with an MPH of 157+ MPH.
His Second Qualifying Pass was aborted due to a
massive wheel stand!
In a third run for the record, Daniels backed up his
numbers with an E.T. of 8.379 and again 157+ MPH.
Well done Jim Daniels and Team

After two rounds of qualifying :

1517Jim Daniels8.331Dodge Dart 
 2.1990David Barton8.475Plymouth Barracuda 
 3.1945Gary Wolkwitz8.493Dodge Dart 
 4.403HStephen Hebert8.56Plymouth Barracuda 
 5.350Jim Pancake 8.578Dodge Dart 
 6.1968Chuck Comella8.585Dodge Dart 
 7. 138Wendell Howes8.591Dodge Dart 
 8.100HTyler Hard8.635Plymouth Barracuda 
 9.1954Bob Wolkwitz8.667Plymouth Barracuda 
10.1381Mark Howes8.769Dodge Dart 
11.1979John Baughman8.794Dodge Dart 
12.1960Al Smyth8.85Plymouth Barracuda 
13. 1601William Kraft9.655Plymouth Barracuda

Russ Campbell was not able to get a clean pass in today.

There are two new cars that should be noted.

First is Mike Booker's Plymouth Barracuda from the John Holt race car shop.
Mike is not here and has made arrangements for Bob Wolkwitz to pilot the car this weekend.

Bob is using his division #1 permanent number.
The Earthquake II car that we are familiar with is not competing at this event.

Second is the Barracuda of William Kraft.
This division # 1 car originated out of FJ Smith's shop.



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