Jeg's Sportsnational Elimination Rounds
Written by LeeAnne   
Friday, 19 September 2008 19:00

There are 14 cars here in Columbus for today’s Mopar Hemi Challenge. Top qualifier was Charlie Westcott Sr. with a 8.765 for 156.94 mph. While Charlie Westcott Jr. has a commanding lead on the championship, it isn’t over until it’s over. In Round 1, Westcott’s WarFish lit up the red light but got the win anyway when Bob Wolkwitz was DQ’d for staging deep. A few passes later Joe Teuton was perfect with triple 0’s, but still couldn’t hold off Pancake. Don Bales broke an engine after the last qualifying pass, so Rains got a free pass to Round 2. More to come….

Heading into Round 2 - there’s been much discussion about the Westcott / Wolkwitz race in Round 1. When Wolkwitz deep staged, then Westcott had the option to leave the line at will…So, Westcott actually red-lighted after Wolkwitz deep staged. Hope that helps clarify the numbers you see posted in the results. We head into the Semi-Finals with only Pancake and Daniels standing in the way of a Westcott/Westcott Final. More to come…

The semi-finals were about Barton vs. Westcott engines! The Westcott's won and will move onto a father - son final. More to come…

Westcott Sr. in the right lane, Jr. in the left. Dad had the advantage off the line, Charlie gained on him but by the end Dad got the win by 2 feet! The PA Announcer offered his congratulations to Charlie Sr. for whipping on his boy.

My thanks to the great folks at National Trails for all their assistance and hospitality.



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